With their victories last night on Big Brother 2014, it was a night of scrambling and trying to figure out who Derrick and Nicole will put up as nominees and the proper way to get Devin out this week on Big Brother 16! Derrick is one smart cookie and I have no doubt he will get Devin out this week, which is his mission. Check out the highlights from the Live Feeds last night below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - DerrickPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

Some quick side notes first:

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  • Brittany, the same person that was recruited by producers two weeks before the season started, was trying to tell Nicole, the BB fanatic who has watched every season, how to play game and to put Devin up to be fair and give him a chance to compete in the Battle of the Block and PoV…silly Brittany!
  • Team America got their first mission, which has them trying to convince three HGs to start a rumor that a HG is related to a former Big Brother player.
  • Hayden proposed to Nicole using a tin foil ring, but she did not accept. Don’t worry though because Frankie did say yes! However, Nicole did agree to some cuddle time with Hayden later on in the night, but then freaked out because she felt like she did something wrong!

Now on to the talk of the night: nominees for Week 3! Derrick wants to backdoor Devin and know that getting him out this week will keep all blood off his hands since everyone wants him gone! He does not want Devin to compete in the Veto competition and has a plan to almost guarantee he goes home.

Derrick plans to nominate Caleb and Jocasta while Nicole puts up Amber and the second is still being determined, but it could be Donny or Victoria. From there, Derrick has convinced Caleb to throw the Battle of the Block competition and that will take his queen off the block (and Donny if he is up there). Then Caleb will be able to compete in the PoV and win it just in case Devin gets picked to play in it. Then Caleb uses Veto on himself and Devin goes up as renom and buh bye Devin!

To me, this sounds like a perfect plan, but I expect nothing but that from Derrick! He also told Cody and Zach to lay low this week and not ruffle feathers since the main target is Devin and they are safe and don’t need to cause drama. Cody then gave Amber a massage that had Caleb almost freaking out! Cody made it all better and smoothed things over with his bro.

So, we should get nominees for Week 3 on Big Brother 2014 sometime today and then the Battle of the Block looks like it will be tonight, as it was being constructed and HGs were talking about it being today. An exciting Friday ahead of us everyone!

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