While everything seems to be falling into place to get Devin out this week on Big Brother 2014, that means we have some quiet nights in the Big Brother 16 house until the eviction actually happens. Devin tried to ruffle some feathers and say some things to make people think he could possibly stay, but they all seem to know better. Check out some highlights from Sunday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Not a whole lot of action going on in the house. Devin is still trying to work over Donny to keep Jocasta on the block, which would throw a major wrench into the plan. HGs are worried about Donny and what he may or may not do with at the Veto Meeting today. If he does keep Jocasta on the block, he will be come the main target next week. He is already on many people’s radars, so he needs to mend some fences and make a good game move today.

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Team America continues their mission, as Donny shared the “rumor” with Nicole and she talked with Christine about it. Derrick talked to Victoria about it, but not sure if she told anyone about it yet. She makes an appearance on the Live Feeds once a day, so hard to tell what she does the rest of the time. They talked with Caleb, who did talk to Amber about it. It all rests in the hands of Victoria!

We had Christine, Frankie, Zach and Cody all say they would put up Jocasta and Victoria if they got HoH next week, but Donny could be the main target! The HGs are questioning his actions, so he needs to get it together….for us!

Not a whole lot of action in the Big Brother 2014 house on Sunday, but this afternoon will tell a lot of things when the Veto Meeting takes place! Get ready for that one folks!

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