When all else fails on Big Brother 2014, go out and form another alliance and that is what happened last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds! Which Big Brother 16 HouseGuests are “working together” this time? I’ll explain more in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers below, but are any of them truly working together when they each have about five alliances going?

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For the day, Devin did some campaigning and no one was buying it. He tried to convince Donny, Jocasta and Brittany that they are the outsiders and need to work together against the big alliance. It is true, but no one seems to care about that and everyone wants Devin out. He tried to work it with Derrick and Derrick claimed he didn’t have that much power and has no vote. It looks like Devin is a goner, but Caleb could blow it up too!

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Why? Well, Cody and Amber spent a lot of time in the hammock together and Caleb creepily watched from the other side of the backyard! Amber talked about not ever giving Caleb a sign that she was into him and wanting to tell Caleb nothing would ever happen between the two of them. She was talked off the ledge, but that talk could send Caleb over the ledge. He doesn’t get why she is not into him with all that he has done for her. Hey Caleb, you are playing Big Brother 2014. Care only about yourself and you could possibly go far in the game!

Brittany is trying to work all sides of the Big Brother 2014 house, so no one truly trusts her. Christine and Nicole talk about voting for Caleb this week. They think it would make a 9-2 vote instead of 11-0 and then blame the votes on Donny and Jocasta and put a bigger target on them. This could bring on a good entertainment value for us and see who believes who!

New Alliances Formed: This one is funny to me because everyone in it doesn’t seem to trust each other! We have “The Detonators” and it consists of Zach, Frankie, Cody, Derrick and Christine. Zach and Frankie both want each other out. No one trusts Frankie. Zach mentioned about throwing the HoH comp yesterday and that upset Derrick, so he doesn’t trust him. Christine is supposedly loyal to Nicole, but then keeps forming these other alliances with the same group of guys (or should I say “forced” into them). Shortly afterwards, Derrick and Cody say they can’t trust Frankie (that alliance lasted a long time) and they solidify their F2 alliance and call it “The Hitmen.”

So, Devin is going home. Caleb is ready to explode. Everyone likes alliances. Victoria probably will go next week, but the HoH winners will be a big determining factor. And Frankie does a lot of voices/impressions.

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