Thanks to our crazy HouseGuest Devin, we had some excitement on the Big Brother Live Feeds last night, as he had another “breakdown” and brought on the tears and called a House Meeting on Big Brother 16! Yup, he outed himself about some things and made himself a bigger target than he already was, even though I think he was trying to soften the blow for a new week and make himself look good. Check out the details below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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To be honest, most of the day was normal Big Brother 16 stuff with Joey campaigning a little, but no one cares what she says and she should be going home tonight! Caleb obsessed about Amber some more. The Have-Nots got food later on, but before they could eat Devin needed a house meeting!

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What was it for? Well, it seems like Devin and Amber got into a little tiff about her treatment of Caleb. It is all crazy talk because Caleb and Devin dream up things in their minds and then think it is real life, like Amber ever showing any interest in Caleb! Then we saw Devin talk with Donny, who may be too nice for this game! He admits that he was the reason behind Donny being a target this week and thinking that Donny was some super human! He apologized and said he wanted to play a fair game for his daughter to see. Donny accepted and said water under the bridge!

The Devin calls a house meeting and pretty much says the same thing….through tears! He wants to play a good game and be an example for his daughter. He gets applauds when the meeting ends and goes to the bathroom to cry some more. However, the other HGs celebrated his demise and know the target is bigger on his back for next week! He will be Target #1, but it is a matter of who wins HoH and how they will both figure out a plan to safely keep Devin on the block!

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