Remember that time on Big Brother 2014 that Caleb said he was over that (that being Amber) and he doesn’t care if they nominate her or vote her out of the Big Brother 16 house? Well, we all know that was a big lie and it was his coverup of seeing Amber get close with Cody. He is still obsessed and asked her on a “date” last night on the Big Brother live feeds! Check out the highlights from yesterday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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The day consisted of a lot of the HGs sleeping and nothing going on. Brittany remains the target for the week, but she is not going down without a fight. She is out campaigning big time, but no one is really listening. She makes some good points and even offers to give her nominations away to people if she wins HoH. However, everyone is being nice and listening, but no one is changing their votes.

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As crazy as Caleb is about Amber, enter Zach into the picture and I think he missed a med or two lately. He almost went home during Week 2, but it didn’t phase him. He is bored and likes messing with people, so he talks with Brittany and tells her he is voting for her and she should call a house meeting to see how people are voting. He thinks it will be fun. Cody and Derrick, not so much. They talk him off the ledge and he convinces Brittany no house meeting. Everyone thinks Zach is nuts and his boredom and need for entertainment could cause him to go home next week, as he was mentioned in a backdoor plan.

However, Caleb takes the crown for “King of Crazy” and that could save Zach for another week. The HGs got a big alcohol delivery last night on Big Brother 2014 and while they were toasting, Caleb comes in and asks Amber on a date. She is hesitant, but Frankie tells her to just do it and she says fine. The other HGs joke and make fun of them as they walk out to the backyard. The “date” is them drinking wine and beer in chairs in the backyard and Caleb continues his talk about God putting them together and said he told production to book them a cruise after the show ends. The man has no brain and clearly thinks Amber likes him. He says it was his best date ever, which makes us feel sad for him! (For those wanting to watch, it started about 9:27 BBT on the feeds).

Because of this obsession, Caleb will be the target for next week. They are all sick of him and know that he has to go before Amber. They think he will pull a Brendon and do everything in his power to win once his “woman” was evicted. We also have Cody very angry with Zach and wanting him gone. Frankie talks about Zach not making the final five with their alliance, but he talks about that with Caleb, who should be gone next week, right?

We saw Victoria kissing Frankie. Brittany kissing Frankie. Cody wondering how Brittany kisses. Brittany and Amber never leaving Cody’s side, which Christine and Zach were venting about and making fun of the other HGs. Brittany gets in bed with Cody late at night, but in comes Zach and he joins them! (He is fun to watch, even if he gets annoying at times).

This is all fun and good, but can we just get to Thursday night and see who wins HoH for Week 5 and how this next week will truly go???

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