While we all were a little disappointed with the winners of the HoH competition last night on Big Brother 2014 and it could be a predictable week (yet again) on Big Brother 16, but with Zach as on of the HoHs for the week….this could be great! You never know what you are getting when it comes to Zach and he gets bored with himself, so he causes havoc and then regrets it later. He may be regretting the HoH win when Week 5 is done! Check out the highlights from the Big Brother Live Feeds last night below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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We all saw Frankie and Zach win the HoH competition last night on Big Brother 16. From there, they decide to meet in the Hive to discuss nominations before getting their HoH rooms and get it out of the way. However, the nominees topic went on all night and Zach switched names every other minute! Frankie, like everyone in the house, doesn’t want blood on his hands. He wants Zach to remain HoH for the week and backdoor Caleb because Frankie can’t be the one to send him home. Or if Caleb wins veto, then send home Amber. Frankie would nominate Jocasta and Victoria and that plan never really changed throughout the night.

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From there, Zach went on “Zach Attack” mode. He talked about putting up Christine and Amber and having Christine throw the Battle of the Block competition. Christine, like any smart person, said no way! Zach said she has done nothing for the alliance and never been on the block or won a competition (good points). He went all over the place all night and everyone was getting annoyed or ticked at him. We heard Donny, Hayden and Nicole all be mentioned as possible nominees, but it seems like the target is either Caleb and then Amber. (Side note: Zach said he does not want to put up Donny).

Make that until Zach kept being Zach and annoying everyone and it looks like he could possibly be a target! Frankie was talking about remaining HoH for the week and then backdooring Zach! As much entertainment as Zach brings to the house, it would be a fun week to see him as the target because he would not go down without a fight!

Team America got their mission: get two HGs to fight at the Nominations Ceremony or Veto Meeting on Big Brother 2014 and it has to be for at least 20 seconds. Their target: Zach. They are poking at him and encouraging his crazy speech for the Nominations Ceremony and it looks like it will be an attack on Christine, which could be fun to watch!

It will be interesting to see the nominees for Week 5 and see this all play out today. The Detonators are getting annoyed with each other and could blow up soon, as well!

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