Can you say it was a wild day in the Big Brother 2014 house on Monday? If you want to know full details, you’d have to go back and watch the day yourself! These HGs don’t even know what to do with themselves and it mostly centers around Caleb and this secret, delusional world that he lives in! He may be a HG on Big Brother 16, but I think his ego lives in a totally separate house and is playing it’s own game. Check out some highlights from Monday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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The fun started with the Veto Meeting and Zach gave his stupid speech and was ripping on Amber. I call it stupid because he seems he went on and on and Team America accomplished their mission, but it was mainly him with little feedback from Amber. Either way, Victoria came off the block and Amber was the renom and the backdoor target for the week. Zach got everyone riled and then went to bed! Frankie and Cody were pissed because he, somehow, threw them under the bus with his speech.

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From there, it was a scramble to make sure no one gets blood on their hands. Caleb went nuts and can’t seem to move past the date with Amber, which he was told she did not even want to go on and only did because everyone was there. But how could he eat a pickle for her and she not be bowing down to him???

You see, this plan to evict Amber during Week 5 on Big Brother 2014 was hatched by The Detonators. However, they convinced Caleb to get on board with it and then it turned into his idea and he came up with the plan! He wanted her on the block to scare her and then she would come running to him to save her again. Nope, she asked Frankie afterwards to get Caleb so they could talk and Caleb refused because no one requests him…they come to him!

By the end of the night, he was pretty much crawling to Amber. She blames everything on him, which he thinks it is his fault. The house is trying to convince both of them that Amber will be safe this week. Amber thinks she has votes from Caleb, Derrick and Cody. Caleb is convinced she is staying.

Funniest part to me: Amber tells Caleb that she thinks the guys have formed a new alliance and they are going after her. Caleb said no way, he runs that alliance and no way could that happen. He runs this s***. Oh Caleb, you silly boy you!

The HGs are planning on getting Caleb out next week, but I am praying for a Caleb victory at the HoH. Donny and Hayden were talking and they want Caleb out and then Zach, but know that Frankie can win it all if he gets to the end, but next week is not the week to go after him. Um, he has won HoH three times now and he can’t compete next week, so perfect time to go after him!

Victoria is shocked to know that people can see her changing. I mean, there are cameras all around her, but they must turn off when she goes to change!

All-in-all, it was an eventful day. This is going to be interesting to see the week play out and if they can keep the secret from Amber and Caleb. And then to see Caleb’s face when the vote is 8-1. Will Beast Mode Cowboy finally come out to avenge the loss of his Queen, which he feels is his own fault???

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