What a crazy night in the Big Brother 2014 house, as we got the results from the Power of Veto competition and then the ego got bigger for one HouseGuest and it just got wild with deal making and breaking! To be honest, this could be an interesting couple days and no one truly knows what will happen until that live eviction show because Devin is a ticking time bomb and his mind changes with every conversation that he has on Big Brother 16! Check out some highlights from Saturday in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Devin and BrittanyPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com


The day happened and it appeared that Devin and Caleb worked out their differences and Bomb Squad was all good, sort of. Players were drawn for the Power of Veto competition and the HGs waited a while for it actually to begin. Before it started, Devin called a Bomb Squad meeting in the HoH room and he pretty much told them all what to do and he is calling the shots and don’t talk game play about him or without him. Sounds like a good HG to work with, right?

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The Veto Competition was completed and Devin won, but we all saw that coming. He then calls all the HGs into the HoH room one at a time to see where their head is at and who they would vote for if it was Brittany and Paola or Victoria and Paola on the block. He knows the Bomb Squad is leaning towards keeping Brittany, so he is considering it. However, Zach and Cody both said they’d vote out Victoria and Devin got angry and kicked them both out of the room!

Brittany and Devin have a long conversation, which featured Devin talking down to her and Brittany lying to him and saying what he wanted to hear to keep him happy. They seemed to work out a deal to keep her safe on Big Brother 16 and she would keep him safe until jury. How long will this deal actually last and will Devin actually take her off the block?

If he does, then he would put up Victoria. Devin then talked with Victoria and talked down to her (big shocker) and she cried a lot, but no real game talk was done.

The Have Nots were picked earlier in the day also, which Devin picked Brittany and Victoria. Derrick and Zach volunteered. Victoria has refused to sleep in the same room with a guy because of her religion, so this should play out well.

Two other things: Zach had a meltdown and was wanting to out the Bomb Squad in a house meeting! He went crazy as the night went on and knows Frankie has F2 deals with a lot of people. Not sure what happened, but Zach was a hot mess! And Derrick is becoming my favorite player more and more each day. This guy is very smart and he is playing a great game, but very quietly. He is saying and doing the right thing with all the HGs and we need to keep an eye on this one!

All-in-all, we could see Paola and Victoria on the block and then it gets interesting because Zach, Cody and Derrick may go after Paola instead of Victoria and get rid of the pawn for Big Brother 2014. Things are heating up everyone!

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