I think there was one thing that the cast of Big Brother 2014 had to have in order to make it into the Big Brother 16 house. What is that thing? Bipolar disorder! These HGs are nuts and all over the place and you never know what you are going to get. I know you have to lie to people to make the game work, but these people have 80 million ideas and plans going on in there head and I think the lies are starting to get to themselves! Check out the Sunday highlights in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Devin and ZachPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

There was a ton of things that happened yesterday, but I am not even sure I can keep them all in order myself. To sum it up and not make it a huge post, Zach is hurting his own game and going down in flames right now! He is a Have-Not and has not eaten or drank anything in a while and it might be getting to his head!

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It appears that Devin might put him up as a renom, even though Zach is a member of the Bomb Squad. Zach is not bowing down to everything that Devin says and that does not fly in Devin’s HoH world. Derrick has tried and tried to get Zach to reason with Devin for now just to remain safe for the week, but Zach is not working with him.

We have Frankie throwing Zach under the bus. We have Cody and Zach against Frankie and Devin and they don’t trust Frankie at all. Frankie is playing a good game, but he is playing too many games and too many alliances with people and it may catch up with him very, very soon!

In not such shocking news, Devin has announced his crush on Brittany! I saw this one coming a mile away. He is so bitter and angry towards her because he is a child and that is his way of reacting to the situation. I don’t like her, but deep down I am in love with her. Now they will make pretty babies together and he tried to flirt with her, which turned out as awkward as it sounds.

We found out the remaining Team America players and we had more talk which made my head hurt. Veto Meeting is today and who knows what Devin plans on doing. It could be Zach or the nominations could remain the same, which then I think Paola could be the target. All this free time between competitions on Big Brother 2014 is making their minds go crazy and I love it, but it gives me a headache at the same time!

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