The day before another eviction on Big Brother 2014 and the HGs all seemed content with themselves and no real talk of this week and who could be going home on Big Brother 16! It seems that Zach may avoid elimination despite his wild antics this week and Paola will hit the road and she doesn’t seem to even care. Check out some highlights from Wednesday in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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To be honest, not much to report about from yesterday. As you can see in the picture above, the HGs got to practice for tonight’s HoH competition. They were on indoor lockdown for a while, but then got an hour to try out the competition. It looks like they will be playing a croquet-type game and hitting a ball down a ramp and through obstacles and getting closest to the goal. While practice may help, the HGs all seemed to agree that it will be luck that wins it. How do you think they will get the two HoHs for Week 3? Closest two balls? Male and female winner?

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Devin blew up the Bomb Squad the day before and he tried hard to continue that action, as he told Nicole all about it now. She knew, but put on a brave face listening to Devin babble on and on. Devin got a little weird while the others were practicing for the HoH competition. He made some dinner and then got angry in the HoH room and hid in the shower a couple times after ripping off his mic. Paranoia starting to kick in for him?

We saw Brittany play the parent card with Devin last night on Big Brother 2014. It appears that she played it even more yesterday, as she found out about the Bomb Squad and tried to campaign to non-BS members that they are outsiders and a parent should win and no one else deserves the money, especially Victoria and Zach! This annoys me…just play the game and best player wins, despite needing the money or not. She can’t play the game, so I don’t want the $500,000 to go to her just because she is a single mother!

Amber is linked to working with Caleb and Devin. She is sick of hearing that, so she is on her own now and starting fresh. Caleb hears of this Amber talk, so he has to clear his queen’s name! He says they are just friends and she is not working with them. Yeah, I thought he would do well in this game, but Amber is definitely going to ruin his game.

People are getting more and more leery about Frankie and even Donny is unsure about him and working with him for Team America. Derrick makes him think Frankie is a good guy since America voted for him (or is it because his sister is Ariana Grande and has a huge fan base)?

We have a day ahead of us and then the live eviction show tonight. Who knows what could happen, but it appears that Paola is a goner and the HGs are already focused on what happens during Week 3. Devin is worried, as he should be!

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