Give these HGs a little time and the plan will change on Big Brother 2014 and that is exactly what happened last night! We had a boring, slow Sunday until the night rolled around and the HGs on Big Brother 16 came up with a new plan of attack and a new HG is in danger of being evicted this week. Check out the highlights below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Most of the day was quiet because Christine, Frankie and Caleb attended their football event for winning the Battle of the Block. There were no games yesterday, so not sure what they attended. Christine talked with Victoria afterwards and was complaining about Frankie and how neither are impressed by him thinking he is famous and why can’t his sister donate money to his charity? Christine said Frankie was acting like the celebrity he thinks he is all day and talked about hating all the other HGs, even though they were not allowed to talk about them!

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Frankie tried to talk to Nicole, but she is having nothing to do with him. She kept the door open to the room so he could not use anything against her in the future and make up more lies. Because of this, Nicole is Frankie’s number one target and somehow got everyone on board with getting her voted out this week….or so it appears.

Frankie talks with Derrick and Caleb about using the fact that Nicole was going to put up Christine as a renom earlier in the week. He tells Christine, but she wants to hear from Zach and Caleb, who were also in the room because she does not trust Frankie. They both confirm it. She then wants to talk to Cody and Derrick and they both confirm they would vote out Nicole if she put her up. They all think that Christine is working with Nicole and if she does not put her up then that confirms she is working with her. Christine swears on her wedding ring that Cody was never a target of hers.

She agrees to put up Nicole and she will be the main target to go home. This is good news for Donny fans, but then I am a fan of Nicole as well, especially since she is over Frankie! However, Derrick was really wanting Donny gone prior to this happening. We all know he runs the Big Brother 2014 house, so I can see things changing before Thursday night. He also told everyone not to tell Victoria of the changes, but then he runs and tells her himself. I guess he wanted all the glory?

Veto Meeting is today, so we should see Zach take himself off the block and Nicole go up in his place, but maybe Christine will go back to her original word and not renom Nicole….time will tell!

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