Sometimes I wonder if the Big Brother 2014 cast knows that they are actually playing a game that the winner will take home $500,000! We are into Week 7 on Big Brother 16 and we probably had one of the most boring days of the entire season, even with a Veto Meeting taking place and final nominees determined! This is sad, but I’ll give you what I got in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers below!

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To be honest, this is going to be a short post for today because there is not much to work with. The Veto Meeting was held and it sounds like Christine was a little harsh in her speech when putting up Nicole as the renom. I love how the guys, especially Frankie, can plant these seeds in her mind and make her have so much hate for Nicole, the one person in the house she should truly have trusted from the beginning. Christine, herself, ruined that trust and now makes it seem like Nicole did it.

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As far as anything happening in the house, it seems like Nicole knows she is going home this week. She did a little campaigning and a little crying, but that is about it. If anything is to change, it would need to be Derrick changing his mind and he can easily convince everyone else to flip.

Things moved to next week, which would have Donny as the next target. To be honest, I don’t get this move. Why Donny? He has no one in the house and you need to start getting the big threats out while you can. As much as I hate Frankie, he is good at comps and has won HoH three times. To me, focus on that and get him out or Caleb, who has calmed down since the Amber eviction. He is still delusional, but I think he could be a threat down the line. Donny would have to work miracles to make it to the end, so focus on bigger targets now.

Derrick and Christine were in the backyard and fans were yelling “We Love Big Brother” and “I Love You Zach” and this upset Christine, who just doesn’t understand how people could love Zach or how Evel Dick has fans. To go along with that, she probably thinks people like her.

I talked too long, as is, so I am wrapping it up and hoping for some alcohol for these HGs and get the real game talk happening….what happened to all of them hating on Frankie???

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