We had a big day in the Big Brother 2014 house and it could only get better as this weekend moves along! With some fresh blood in that HoH room, it seems like we have some of the power alliance heading on the block and being a target for Week 6 on Big Brother 16. The best part about this: it is a Double Eviction on Thursday night and it is going to be insane to see where they go with it. Check out some highlights from Friday on the Big Brother Live Feeds below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Caleb Shaves HeadPhoto Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

The day started with the Nominations Ceremony for Week 6 and we saw Donny nominate Caleb and Victoria and Nicole nominated Zach and Jocasta. It was nice to see some other people on the block, but that split left us all wondering who would win and remain on the block. This is a first, as most Battle of the Block comps have been setup for someone to throw it.

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We then saw the Battle of the Block competition and it was Caleb and Victoria for the win, so they are off the block and dethroned Donny as HoH (enter sad face). Zach and Jocasta on the block still and Nicole in the lone HoH for Week 6. Caleb and Victoria won, but they had some punishments in that victory. They have to be chained together for 48 hours wearing an Adam & Eve costume. Then Caleb had to shave his head, which he whined about over and over again because it could hurt his modeling career. They did shave it though, so no modeling for Caleb because hair doesn’t grow back!

As far as game talk, we saw Nicole, Derrick, Cody and Hayden solidify their F4 alliance and called it “The Quad Squad” but then Derrick and Cody talked shortly after and said it is not real and they can’t turn down an alliance with the current HoH.

We then had a lot of game talk about Zach, who slept most of the day and night. He seems to be getting depressed about being on the block and probably being a Have Not. However, it all depends on the Power of Veto today. The HGs are talking about backdooring Frankie and it seems like the numbers could be there. Nicole wants it to be Zach and Frankie on the block together, but Derrick seems to want Zach to come down. We’ve also heard Cody say he wouldn’t use the veto if he won it because he doesn’t want to put Nicole through using the renom, like he had to do.

This is going to be a big day in the Big Brother 2014 house, as the winner of the veto will determine where this week goes. I am so excited!!!

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