Sorry for only one post yesterday, but it has been a slow time in the Big Brother 2014 house and I couldn’t pull anything together to post, so that one post from yesterday was loaded with comments! So, here is your new post of the day and we’ll have plenty more with a new episode of Big Brother 16 tonight! Check out some highlights from the Big Brother Live Feeds yesterday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Life has gotten so boring for the nine remaining HGs that production gave them games to play, which didn’t bring much excitement for us. Most of the day consisted of the HGs sleeping, Christine taking pictures of herself with the sleeping HGs for her HoH camera time, Nicole and Donny analyzing all the other HGs (which was pretty close to what is going on) and badminton!

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Things started to heat up late in the night, as Nicole decided to do some campaigning. Her chances of going home this week are pretty high, but she is going to try and change people’s minds along the way. She tries to convince Derrick to keep her and he said if she has the votes, then he’ll vote to keep her but doesn’t see that happening (yes, because he controls the house and votes, so he won’t be changing anyone’s mind). She tries on Cody, with no luck. Her and Zach had a good talk and she seems to have sparked his interest, but he brings it up to Derrick and Cody and then squash that plan and Zach goes back under their thumb.

Derrick and Cody talk about their F2 deal and Derrick is trying to get Cody onboard with bringing Victoria with them to F3. The thing is is that Cody thinks he is actually doing work in the Big Brother 2014 house and him or Derrick deserve to win and deserve to be in the F2. What has Cody really done, besides flirt and cuddle with Christine non-stop the past few days???

It looks like Nicole will be going this week and Donny is the target for next week and then Victoria or Christine, but that is way too far in advance for these HGs. I want to see the Battle of the Block and dual HoH to be gone, have Donny win HoH and start messing with some things before they evict him the following week. Or advance two or three weeks in the game and they have to start going after each other once Donny and Victoria are gone, unless Derrick wins out and keeps Victoria until F3, which could very well happen on Big Brother 16.

Speaking of Victoria, they all talk around her like she is not even there. If she was smart enough, she could use this knowledge to her advantage. While most of us don’t think Victoria is even playing the game, it looks like the other HGs feel the same way!

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