It was the night before a live eviction show on Big Brother 2014, but it was all quiet on the home front, well except for some pesky little ghosts that kept showing up! Yup, the HGs were scared by ghosts in the mirrors and warnings of danger coming, which means we are getting clues for the next HoH competition on Big Brother 16! Check out some highlights from yesterday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Nicole and Donny are on the block for Week 7, but Nicole knows she is the target and will most likely going home. She tried some campaigning the night before and seemed to get Zach on board, but Derrick squashed that little chance and it never resurfaced again. By the night, Nicole realized she was done and was picking out a pretty dress to wear tonight instead of the athletic wear for the HoH comp!

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Later at night, ghosts started appearing in the mirrors. It scared the HGs, but then they started searching other rooms and saw more ghosts. They were getting things shouted to them from production, but feeds cut whenever that happened. We are preparing for tonight’s HoH comp and they were studying the screen in the living room. Frankie was trying to take notes, but he kept getting yelled at. Donny was sleeping for the first half of it, but then joined the others eventually…he should have been there the whole time because he needs to win tonight on Big Brother 2014!

The Detonators were talking plans for the future and they want Donny gone next week and they’ll put two members of the alliance on one side and Donny and another alliance member with him and they’ll throw the comp. Then if Donny wins veto, they’ll put Victoria up in his place. However, we all know Derrick is working with Victoria and will not be letting her go. Let’s see how this plays out!

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