While it was a very disappointing night in the Big Brother 2014 house, I have high hopes that we will be in for a very fun week ahead of us on Big Brother 16. Why? Because I just don’t see this week going as smoothly as Derrick would like it to and I think someone will be walking out that door that wasn’t expecting it, like Zach was thinking last night on the Live Feeds! Check out the highlights below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - The Detonators and CalebPhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

As we all saw last night on Big Brother 16Nicole was evicted and joined the jury house. Frankie and Derrick won HoH for Week 8 and then the game talk started. Donny will be the target for Week 8, but then who goes up with him and who goes up on the other side of things for Battle of the Block? Of course, Zach’s name gets brought up to go up with Donny and throw the BotB comp and keep Donny on the block, but also keep Zach on the block. He agrees to it, but that changes as the night goes on.

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Frankie and Derrick discuss things and Derrick convinces Frankie to let him remain HoH for the week and then Frankie can compete in next week’s HoH comp, which should be an endurance and Frankie is better for that (not sure if Derrick is legit with that, but it is a very valid point and should be an endurance comp, especially with the jury competition probably being incorporated into it). Derrick has convinced everyone that Victoria will be safe this week, unless Donny wins PoV and then she goes, but I am not convinced of that either.

So, the nominees would be Donny and Zach for Derrick and Cody and Christine for Frankie. HoH rooms are revealed and we see more time for CBS to show us Ariana Grande and her music. Booze is delivered and people start getting silly and start thinking, except Donny who pretty much went to bed.

I still find it funny that Caleb thinks The Bomb Squad is in place, but The Detonators plus Caleb meet in the HoH room and Zach does not want to go on the block, especially since he has been a target the past couple weeks. He also doesn’t want to be the one to throw a comp next to Donny, who he shared some touching moments with in the Have Not room (again, legit reasoning). Caleb is out since he did this last week with Frankie, even though he sucked at it. Cody and Christine both don’t want to do it, but they all turn it on Zach and get angry with him that he won’t do it. Why is he a bad person for not wanting to do it, but Cody and Christine don’t have to? My dislike of them grows more and more every day.

Zach finally agrees that he will do it, but let’s draw Skittles to see who goes up? They all agree and Christine’s color gets picked to go up with Donny and Cody and Caleb get drawn for the other side and Zach remains off the block, for now! Love, love, love this draw. Now if Zach could only be smart enough to work with Donny after seeing these people have zero interest in him on Big Brother 2014!

There is still time for that to change, but it looks like Derrick will nominate Christine and Donny and then Frankie will nominate Cody and Caleb. Christine is to act sick and throw the comp, but I am praying for a repeat performance of last week and Donny wins it on his own (come on production, we all know you favored it for Frankie, so favor it for Donny) and Cody and Caleb remain on the block and it will be fun to see it play out. I am sure Zach would become a target because Victoria can’t go yet for Derrick.

We also saw Christine and Cody cuddling more and being their weird selves. They talk about never voting for each other, so a new F2 deal there??? Cody has mentioned to Derrick about a backdoor Frankie plan, so who knows if that would ever fly. The queen has won four HoH competitions, so why would they keep him in there as the numbers dwindle?

Nominees today and the final Battle of the Block later today….finally! Zingbot comes tomorrow for the PoV, which is normally a puzzle, so Donny could be winning veto!

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