When we are riding a high on Big Brother 2014, the next day comes and brings us down from that high. Nothing goes as planned or hoped, except when we know that it will tick us off. The Veto Comp took place last night, which we thought would take place in the morning since the players were drawn late Friday night on Big Brother 16. Why did they do that to us? Check out the highlights from Saturday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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It was a long day of waiting for us, as I was truly expecting to have a Saturday off to get some personal things done. Big Brother 2014 thought otherwise! During the day, we saw the HGs get a new, smaller table and they got the Have Not food, which was Transylvania Goulash. Frankie put Christine and Victoria as Have Nots, since they have been on it the least. Since Battle of the Block is done, maybe we’ll start seeing comps to determine the Have Nots like we normally do?

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The Veto Comp was finally held and it took a while since Zingbot and comedian Kathy Griffin were in attendance (love her)! Frankie won, which should have been a shock to no one. We were all pulling for another victory from Donny, but life can’t be that good for us!

Afterwards, we saw Christine and Cody freaking out about a zing for Christine about her and Cody cuddling all the time and how touchy-feely they are. She hopes they don’t show it and is worried. I guess neither of them don’t realize that there are cameras on them 24-7, so we already know it is happening? Victoria got made fun of for not even playing the game, which Zach told her not to read anything about the show once she leaves (good thinking for her….she’d be a hot mess reading how everyone thinks she is useless). She complained her scalp is bleeding from having extensions in her hair every day, yet she keeps them in???

As far as the new target, we should be preparing ourselves to say goodbye to Zach this week on Big Brother 2014. Caleb met with Frankie shortly after the Veto Comp and told him everyone is on board with evicting Zach. Frankie wants to make sure they all want that if he will do it. Earlier in the day, Frankie talked with Donny about winning veto and make a big move. Is this the big move to him?

The night turned into bash Zach night, as they were all up in the HoH room and ripping on Zach (I guess to feel better about sending him home)? Frankie said something about making it a slow death and euthanizing him like a dog. They wanted to tell him in the HoH room together, but Derrick was not having it. Again, he is a smart man. He gets the idea in everyone’s head to get rid of Zach over his pawn Victoria and then will tell Zach he is just going along with what everyone else wants.

Team America has started their mission of stealing HGs things, as Derrick took Victoria’s robe and they may have gotten some other things at night. They planned on taking Caleb’s (really Amber’s) bunny slippers and Zach’s pink hat or Gator shirt. They are hiding them in a trash bag under the bag in the recycling bin. To me, none of that interests me.

So, as of now, it looks like Caleb will be coming off the block and Zach will go up in his place. Zach will be evicted, but can he come back with the jury comp and team up with Donny (like they have been talking about) and take some people out? With only one HoH now, it is a possibility but we would need one of them to win this week and the other one the next week to do some damage.

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