The final nail was put in the coffin yesterday on Big Brother 2014 for Zach Rance, but that was not enough for this silly HGs and I don’t think any of them realize that Zach is going to the jury house and would be a vote for them to win the $500,000 on Big Brother 16. Well, all of them except Derrick, so just give him the money now! Check out the highlights from Monday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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The day started with Frankie and Zach having a moment, which Frankie went to Zach and Zach tried to do a little campaigning and was asking Frankie to put up Victoria instead of him. Frankie than went to Christine and was making fun of Zach and said he was begging him. Zach asked Frankie again to keep him and he’d do whatever he wanted, but Frankie said the house wanted it and he is powerless. I guess being HoH and having the Power of Veto around your neck makes you powerless?

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The Veto Meeting was held and Caleb was taken off the block and Zach put up in his place, which means Zach and Cody are the final nominees for Week 8. Frankie then proceeded to say he would follow Zach around all week and not let him campaign (or blow up Frankie’s game). They got into a heated argument and Frankie told Zach he is stupid and an idiot. Yup, Zach will vote for you in jury!

Zach was allowed to talk to Donny (around 2:00pm BBT) and it was a touching moment. I think Zach is truly a nice guy and Donny brings that out in him.

Derrick did start the campaign against Donny already, so he is looking ahead to next week already. He also talked with Zach and smoothed things over with him, so Derrick is the only one thinking about the jury and getting their votes. One person not thinking about the jury (or the game pretty much) is Victoria. For no reason, she went and took the pink hate from Zach (which was originally hers from one of the earlier comps) and grabbed a knife and destroyed it. Zach is so mean and vile to her, so this was getting back at him. She taunted him about it and was hoping he would come after her and hit her and get expelled from the Big Brother 2014 house. Um, because Zach has been physically violent in the past?

I will go off this on a little rant. Victoria is dumb! Why, at every vote, does she have hateful things to say about the person leaving? Who puts these thoughts in her head? I don’t remember them exactly, but I know she said some bad things about both Nicole and Amber. I am sure it is a jealousy thing and no one paying attention to her and the guys liking Amber and Nicole, but grow up. This cutting up of the hat shows her childlike mentality. Also, her scalp is bleeding from her hair extensions being in all the time, but keeps them in. Can I go in the house just to slap her and then leave? She is DUMB!

My last statement of the night: amazing stuff happened! Some fans of the show were walking around outside the studio and shouted: “We hate you Caleb, we love you Zach, Frankie you’re disgusting!” The three were sitting in the backyard and heard it all. Zach was immediately happy and Frankie acted like he didn’t hear it or understand it, but he got pissy about it….oh, the queen heard and is upset. If only he knew how many people actually hate him!

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