While it was small and will flicker out soon enough, there was a glimmer of hope on Big Brother 2014 yesterday and we all know that Derrick will trounce on it big time, but no clue why. I am still trying to figure out the mentality of the Big Brother 2014 cast, but that hurts my brain and I stop trying. It was Booze Friday on Big Brother 16, but would it matter? Check out the highlights from Friday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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During the day, Donny did try and talk to Cody about his nominations and campaigning to stay off the block. We all know that it is a lost cause, but Donny makes such valid points and maybe the small pea pod of a brain that Cody has will remember it. To sum it up, Donny basically said I’ll see you in a couple weeks in the jury house!

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The HGs were on outdoor lockdown for a while yesterday afternoon and we were thinking it would be maybe a luxury comp (like the popping off all the balloons like last season) or maybe a comp for the Have Nots this week. Nope! It was for bringing in the Have Not food, which was Squish Kebobs. No competition (why don’t they do this anymore?), so Nicole volunteered and Cody reluctantly (and not looking in his eyes) named Donny the other Have Not. He later says he can’t go off on Donny because he respects his elders, but all week he has been spewing hate for him and saying he couldn’t wait to win HoH (which he did) and have an epic nom speech for Donny.

The Nomination Ceremony did take place and Donny and Nicole ended up on the block and it sounds like Cody wussed out again on that epic speech. All muscles, big p****. Caleb was talking afterwards and saying how he would have done it, which makes us think it was a big fail!

Our hopes were up, as the HoH room was locked for a while, but it turned out to be nothing….for now! I will keep hope alive for Cat, so maybe Pandora’s Box is in the second HoH room (which is not needed now) and they will release it sometime this weekend!

At some point, Cody talked with Derrick and mentioned putting up Frankie if Donny were to win veto. Derrick said “big boy move” and then proceeded to nix the idea. WHY???? There are eight people left. When can blood get on any of their hands??? Frankie wins HoH comps. He has no safety right now. You don’t want to take him to F2 and are worried he may have a F2 deal with Caleb. Donny/Nicole would vote Frankie over each other. Derrick is a vote and Victoria does as Derrick tells her. There are your three votes and Frankie is gone. Cody would never do it without his boss’ approval, so it’ll never happen, but I’ll give Cody props for even coming up with the idea. Maybe Donny’s talk did scare him some???

Booze was delivered (Cody, Christine and Victoria are the only ones to partake in it). Maybe it was the booze talking (or they are just mean people), but they got back on the Donny is a genius and added in that he is evil. Christine is convinced of how bad a person Donny is (pot….meet kettle) and he is evil and she is glad no more chance of a returning player, so she can make a mean away message for them (I mean, they won’t be in the jury house and voting for you to win $500,000 or anything, but you go right ahead and be mean)! Cody threatens to strangle Donny while in the jury house. Out of all of this, Caleb thinks Donny is still ex-military, but he said Donny has played well and done good at comps. When did Caleb become the voice of reason???

Some quick side notes, which I’m sure you’ll all love: Frankie has big balls (literally) and showed them to Cody to confirm. Victoria has some teeth problems going on and her face is swelling, but production told her to put ice on it and she has not seen a doctor yet. The HGs talked about this being the reason she left the game, which would be fine by me!

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