As each day passes in the Big Brother 2014 house, I get more and more angry with the Big Brother 2014 cast and do not understand their thinking. As all of them have seen this season, even your best plans can be blown up in your face on Big Brother 16, so carpe diem and vote out your threats when you have the perfect chance! Nope, instead get rid of the guy who has one ally in the house compared to six of you! Check out the highlights from Sunday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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There were no comps on Sunday, so it was a pretty quiet day and people talking about evictions and when people need to go. Cody and Derrick think that Frankie and Christine have been working together and then they have questioned if Caleb is with them. They literally have Donny and Nicole who would vote with them to remain safe and Victoria will do anything that Derrick tells her. Cody is HoH and holds the veto in his hands, so if there was ever a time to make a move, make it NOW! They think Donny & Nicole together are more dangerous than Frankie & Christine together.

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However, Cody is a wuss, as seen in his “epic” nominations speech last night. He talked about going off on Donny all week and then said he loves him as a person. Cody has mentioned Frankie as a renom option twice now on Sunday and Derrick talked him away from that idea. Derrick They say Frankie goes at F5. Why do they think they can get people out each week. There are comps and vetoes to be won and people save themselves every week. You can’t just put up a timeline of events and think it will happen that way. No one has safety this week. Someone has to get blood on their hands, so go big or go home with no money Cody!

It just frustrates me to see these people sit around and make no moves, especially when fans are yelling over the wall and saying “Frankie is the Saboteur” (which happened yesterday and Caleb and Cody heard it) or “Frankie is disgusting” and “Christine is disgusting.” I hate that more and more fans are yelling because it would normally get HGs thinking and is interference, but these HGs are too dumb to think.

Team America had their mission to complete, which is to make up their own mission and then America will vote on it to approve it or not. Donny said over and over again they should save him. Frankie went with doing a Broadway play, which was performed on BBAD last night. I will not discuss the play, but I will say this:

  1. No one wanted to do the play besides Frankie. So, production put them on a fake lockdown in the house, so they forced them to do Frankie’s play. Because of this, I did not watch and do not care to ever watch it. I will not cover it and will not vote for it as a mission. I will gladly vote one million times myself for Donny to win America’s Favorite, but I refuse to give him $5,000 that benefits Frankie and this farce of a mission.
  2. I call bullshit on CBS and if they don’t show Donny trying to get them to save him as the mission. You know if America sees that and sees Frankie trumped it with a damn play then no way they would approve that mission.
  3. In the end, we, as a BBB family, band together and vote like crazy on Wednesday night and deny this as an approved mission!

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