After a sad day with the Veto Meeting on Big Brother 2014, it looked like we have to prep ourselves to say goodbye to Donny this week on Big Brother 16….or do we??? We still have plenty of time before Thursday night and Donny is definitely going to try and get people to change their minds, even if it is to send his friend Nicole back to the jury house. Check out the highlights from Monday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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It was a quiet day in the Big Brother 2014 house, but it looks like we have lots of people talking game and where we go from here. I have come to the conclusion, as we have all seen with her crazy antics in the Diary Room and when voting in front of Julie Chen, but Victoria is nuts. She is a child and jealous of the other girls in the house. She now seems gung-ho on getting Christine out because of her relationship with Derrick.

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It seems Derrick got confirmation from DR that their play was a success for Team America. Seeming we have not voted, that cannot be true. Maybe it was a success in that it will be what we vote down?

So, Donny remains the target for the week, but Frankie was suggesting that production may have hinted to him about keeping Donny around this week. Him and Derrick talk and they know he won’t come after them next week and Nicole might and the paranoia kicks in about Nicole. They eventually think she will win HoH for sure next week.

Nicole is doing some campaigning of her own and trying to stay in the game. To be honest, whoever does stay this week could stay a while longer. It seems like Christine is making more and more waves with people and they might want her gone sooner than later, so she could be out the door next week! Then it would be Donny or Nicole (whoever is left) and then Victoria (at least according to Frankie and Caleb, who think she will be drug to the end if they don’t get her out by F6).

Right now, I don’t even know who will stay and who will go. The HGs have to be thinking that an endurance comp for HoH has to happen soon, so Nicole would be favored over Donny in that one. Nicole has some HoH wins under her belt and they don’t want her HoH next week, so it could very well be Nicole being evicted for the second time and Donny avoiding it for the millionth time!

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