We still have one more full day in the Big Brother 2014 before the live eviction show for Week 9 on Big Brother 16, so maybe things could change, but it looks like the HGs are looking towards the next couple weeks and that means Donny is gone this week. The talk of keeping Donny this week has died down and it looks like they are planning the next victim, but who will it be? Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Nicole and FrankiePhoto Credit: BigBrotherSource.com

It was a slow Tuesday in the house, so let’s hope for so more action on pre-eviction day. During the day, we saw very little action, as these HGs like to sleep. Cody got the HoH camera, so they were taking photos. Victoria was continuing her hate for Christine and Cody and Derrick talked about Nicole and how she would go after Frankie and Christine over them, so might be good to keep her.

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Like Julie Chen last week, the HGs went on lockdown and they did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and challenged all of their families. I am sure we will see that on Thursday night’s show.

During the night, it got to more game talk, but about the next targets. Derrick tells Nicole that Frankie is worried about her since she has not talked to him, so she goes to chat with Frankie later and they work out their differences and she campaigns for his vote. She also talked with Victoria and they both complained about Christine and promised to keep each other safe.

We then see The Hitmen meet later on and they seem to have some varying opinions on who needs to stay and go. They both seem to not like Frankie and how he goes up to Christine to chat right after she talks with them. Cody talks about his lover being a liar and they mention putting her up with Nicole next week. Cody eventually wants Frankie and Christine on the block, but Derrick thinks Nicole is a bigger threat. How so???? They also ask Feedsters to make them Hitmen t-shirts and tweet them to their accounts and they’ll pick a winner when they get out and the winner gets some kind of prize.

Christine and Cody stayed up late talking and he is worried about beating Derrick in a F2, but she disagrees. She also thinks that America might not like them, but Cody says there is no way. I think it is possible, Cody….

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