It was the day before the live eviction show on Big Brother 2014 and the HGs actually acted like they had a vote to consider the next day, unlike most of the season. After a boring day, things picked up at night and you can thank Caleb for that one, who made an attempt to save Donny and send Nicole home this week on Big Brother 16. Did it work? Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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The day consisted of nothing, so moving on to the evening. Caleb started thinking about Donny staying and that Nicole would have a better chance of winning HoH this week over Donny. He mentions it to Derrick, who says talk to Frankie about it before going to Cody. Frankie is on board with this plan, since he thinks Nicole is coming after him. They go and talk to Cody, but he is anti-Save Donny! The funny thing: Frankie could have done this earlier in the week instead of the BB Broadway Play!

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They all talk it out and Derrick is not helping the situation, as he is not taking a side (he has worries about either of them staying, so makes no difference to him). Caleb wants to take a poll and Frankie votes to get rid of Nicole, Caleb will do what the group says, Cody wants Donny out and Derrick has no say. Caleb eventually switches gears and wants Donny gone too, so Derrick said it’s done then.

This ticks me off because they don’t want to upset Cody, which I can see from Derrick’s point of view. However, Cody does not have a vote this week and can’t compete to be HoH next week, so he has no power. You need three votes to evict someone this week, so you have Frankie, Caleb and Derrick? Problem is Derrick doesn’t want to go against Cody, so they’ll evict Donny and Nicole will win HoH tonight and take them all out (I can dream, right)? Frankie kept trying throughout the night to Save Donny, but it wasn’t as strong and died down eventually.

Two things:

  1. Caleb was the HG that made the house flip a few weeks ago and save Zach when they were ready to send him out the door and he almost did it again with Donny last night. The way he does it is with a simple question too and it gets everyone talking.
  2. Team America will find out tonight on the live show if they passed or failed with their beyond lame play (that production made them do). You still have until 1pm EST to vote, so DO IT HERE and vote OPTION 2!!!! Julie will ask them what they want for Have Not food and they are to reply “Apple Pie” and if she says yes, they passed. If no, they failed. I can’t wait to see Frankie’s face when she denies them the pie! My hope: this gets Derrick and Frankie thinking that hey, America turned us down for the lame play and maybe they did want us to save Donny???? Last minute change of votes (Caleb will easily flip) and we see Nicole walk through the doors again (I can dream, right)?

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