Knowing what happened all day on Sunday in the Big Brother 2014 house just makes my head hurt and these HGs are so afraid of making a big move when it is so clearly slapping them right in the face! Big Brother 16 is the season where they wait it out and it isn’t time yet and no one gets blood on their hands and the final five will each walk away with $100,000. I truly believe that is what they are thinking or so it seems! Check out the highlights from Sunday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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I will touch on this subject, but literally it makes my brain hurt thinking and talking about it. Backdoor Frankie was the subject of the day. Caleb seriously considered it over and over and over again. He talked with Cody and Derrick about it all day and all of them were all over the place with it. Yes, let’s do it. No, Nicole has never worked with them and won’t if she stays. Yes, Frankie can beat them in comps. No, Nicole will team up with Christine and Victoria and take the guys out.

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It literally went on and on all day and night and I don’t even know where things currently stand. It seemed like Derrick and Cody were all about it, but then Caleb was worried. They even suggested putting Frankie up, but they could change their mind as the week went on. Caleb said if he goes up then he goes home. The joy with all of this for myself: #BackdoorFrankie was trending on Twitter! Everyone was talking about it and wanting it to happen! Our friends at Big Brother Network break it down for you with timestamps, so click here for that!

We had more fans shouting over the wall and saying that Frankie is destroying them in the Diary Room and Christine is a slut. They all heard this and it put even more fuel on the Backdoor Frankie plan. While I enjoy this, I don’t like the fans continuously yelling from the CBS lot. Let them play the game without distractions from the outside world, like they are supposed to!

If anything else happened, it was overshadowed by the plan to get rid of Frankie. He is paranoid and interrupting conversations in the HoH room non-stop. Christine is right there with him and Caleb did say he wanted the HoH room to himself, so Frankie was not sleeping up there! The guys agreed to get up when the music went off and discuss it again before the Veto Meeting today on Big Brother 2014.

While I want them to make a big move, I seriously think Victoria will go up and Nicole will go home. They all talk a big game, but none of them act on it. If Derrick truly wanted this, he would push a lot harder and convince Caleb to do it. Derrick keeps going back and forth on it, which means no one is truly convinced to do it. We need Derrick to be convinced when he wakes up and then Caleb will do it. I am hoping and praying, but I just don’t know at this point!

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