Things are moving a little slower this week on Big Brother 2014 as we prepare for the Double Eviction episode tomorrow night on Big Brother 16. The HGs don’t know it is a double eviction, but it should bring some major excitement and very quickly! While we all prepare for that, the HGs are preparing for Zach to walk out those doors and not do it quietly. Check out some highlights from Tuesday in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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As far as Zach goes, the house is not telling him his fate because they know he will blow up a lot of the things going on in that house! It would be fun to watch, that is for sure. So, everyone is lying to him and telling him he is safe this week and Jocasta is going home (not the case).

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On top of that, we have The Detonators preparing themselves in case Zach does blow up their alliance as he walks out the doors. Christine and Frankie were talking and they want to start telling people that Zach approached them the night before about starting an alliance with Christine, Frankie, Derrick and Cody and he wanted to call it The Detonators. To me, isn’t that too many specifics?

Well, Christine is in her own land and thinks she is playing a smart game, so she goes to Nicole and tells her. However, Nicole is already on to Christine and not working in an alliance with her any more. Frankie and Christine think they are the only ones playing this game, but the funny thing is that everyone else knows what they are doing and over it and all their lies, so Frankie and Christine are becoming the targets for the next eviction! Christine is on top of their list.

Victoria seems to be more active this week and talking with more people. Her and Nicole talked about the lie Christine tried spreading about her and Hayden making out, which no one believed. It seems more people are warming her up as a possible vote down the road.

Nicole, Hayden and Donny chat about bringing Caleb into their alliance. Caleb is still delusional, but not as bad as when Amber was in the Big Brother 2014 house. They need numbers if they want to take down Derrick and the gang, so it could be a good move because Caleb is kind of in between them all and thinks he is running the house!

Again, I want it to be Thursday night and see this double eviction play out and see who goes home! It could be a safe bet with Jocasta going home, but Christine and Frankie might be in for a shocker!

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