If you want to truly know what is going on in that Big Brother 2014 house since last night, then find out and let me know too, please! These HGs are going a little crazy and I don’t know who to truly trust and that is thanks to Team America’s new mission! I am so over Team America and it looks like maybe Derrick is too? We shall see, but it has been a wild ride on Big Brother 16 since the double eviction show came to an end. Check out the highlights below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Christine and FrankiePhoto Credit: BigBrotherUpdates.com

Once the live show ended and Hayden was evicted, we had the HGs scrambling big time. We had the guys trying to do damage control with Zach and Hayden and Nicole outing them during the live show. We saw Nicole and Zach going at it with each other. Frankie being involved with every conversation and Nicole eventually breaking down in the Hive room. Emotions were definitely running high.

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Then the new HoH competition took place for Week 7 and Christine and Nicole won. They tried to talk in the Hive and agreed to not put each other up as the renom, if it came to that. In comes Frankie to break up their talk and he is becoming more and more like Andy from BB15 every day! He tells his story and loves them all and he should be safe and they need to go after Zach, Derrick, Cody and Caleb as nominees! He is done working with those dumb boys (sure). Nicole and Christine go back to talking and decide on Caleb and Victoria for Nicole and Donny and Zach for Christine and Cody would be a renom option.

It was way too early for those nominations to be set, as it just got more and more wild. Team America got their mission: put up a pawn on the block, but then get that pawn evicted. Hate it and not sure how TA feels about it. Derrick said it is un-doable this week, even though Zach was an option (shocker).

Speaking of Zach, him and Nicole had a HUGE talk in the Hive and they put it all out on the table: she said Frankie and Christine were telling lies about him and how he tried to start The Detonators and he was scrambling. She told him that Christine outed the F3 deal he had with Cody and Derrick. She told him about The Rationale alliance between her, Hayden, Cody and Derrick. He told her about the F2 deal with Frankie, but he is dead to him now. He admitted to F3 deal with Cody and Derrick and he told her the real story about The Detonators and they have been around for weeks! Now Zach wants Frankie gone this week and these two could legitimately be working together.

As the night went on, the talk became more and more about how Frankie needs to go home this week! They all know he is playing everyone in the house and they are all sick of it. Zach told Derrick, Caleb and Cody about Frankie wanting to come after them. This sends Derrick on a mission and he goes to Nicole to tell her that Zach told him everything and he is the biggest snake in the Big Brother 2014 house and he needs to go on the block. However, it was Zach throwing the competition and keeping Frankie on the block. This truly means that Zach would actually go home and TA would complete their mission once Derrick convinced everyone to vote out Zach this week.

The HGs were up all night and finally have gone to bed, I think (and that is at almost 11:00am EST)! However, the plan changed as a few HGs stayed awake all night. Caleb agreed to go up as a pawn with Frankie and throw the Battle of the Block competition! He even mentioned not using the Power of Veto if he won that. So, it looks like Nicole will nominate Frankie and Caleb and Caleb will make a big scene in throwing the BotB and tell Frankie he did this to himself, which could be amazing to watch! Christine still looks to be nominating Donny and Zach, but that could change today. And Derrick is telling Frankie that TA mission is undoable, still….could he be messing with Caleb’s mind right now?

Again, the next couple days are huge and seeing what people officially do with the nominations and BotB and Veto!

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