With anger still inside of me, I am typing up my Live Feeds recap from Friday in the Big Brother 2014 house. The whole day and night has me frustrated with the show and with a certain HG on Big Brother 16. Hate on me if you would like, but I am completely and utterly done with Frankie J Grande. If Ariana Grande hates me for saying it, I think I’ll still be able to survive in life. Some of the HGs don’t agree with that statement, but get the highlights below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Let’s go back to the day and it started with Christine and Nicole naming their Week 7 nomineesDonny & Zach and Caleb & Frankie. The plan was for Caleb to throw the Battle of the Block and keep Frankie on the block and heading out the door this week.

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All day Frankie was saying he is having a house meeting later on and he has something HUGE to share with everyone. The Battle of the Block got a really late start and ended, amazingly, during Big Brother After Dark. The fireworks were going big time, as Frankie pulled out the Battle of the Block victory on his own. Many stories surrounding this, but it seems like Caleb opted out of the competition. However, it was much easier to do alone than with a partner. He tried to get back in, but production said he opted out and could not play. Call it what you must….I am putting it out there for you all to hate on production!

Back to last night and Zach was going off on Frankie and calling him out on all his stuff. Cody kind of joined in on the fun and Caleb was there too. Derrick, being his normal self, wanted to go to the Fire Room to discuss it. To keep this brief (because it makes my blood boil), they went in and Frankie proceeded to tell everyone that Ariana Grande is his sister, his grandfather’s death made him lose his mind in the game, he is a media mogul and he is playing the game for charity. None of the guys seemed to know or care who his sister was. Caleb wanted to meet Justin Bieber. The girls were a little more excited with the news.

My rant: Frankie says he buried Frankie and now he can play the game as Frankie J Grande. He was walking around that Big brother 2014 house like he owned it. He is not famous, his sister is. Derrick called him out for not having millions like him. He claims he is a struggling artist, but then is playing Big Brother 16 for charity? He used his grandfather’s death as an excuse for his actions, which is lower than low. He couldn’t tell the girls the “big news” in the bathroom because he needed better cameras, like in the living room. He said all his lies were out there now and he could play the game in the open. The little respect I had for Frankie is now gone and he is a POS, in my opinion. You can have your own opinions on him and I respect that, but I am entitled to mine as well.

Back to the game and today’s Veto Competition is huge. No clue how this is going to go, but we have Zach and Donny on the block still. Cody, Caleb and Derrick are pumping Zach up and saying he needs to win, but he’ll be safe otherwise. Christine and Nicole are talking and Christine wants Zach gone this week, still. Nicole seems to be agreeing to stay off the block herself. Frankie comes in and goes along with everything Christine is saying. She said if Donny wins veto than Victoria goes up and they split the votes and Christine will cats the tie vote and send Zach home. They all giggle like school girls.

Frankie goes downstairs and tells the guys that Christine is on board with backdooring Nicole! Yup, playing out in the open and no lies now, huh? I know people lie in this game (and have to to win), but this whole dramatic scene pisses me off!

Cody and Derrick were up late chatting and it looks like they don’t have Zach’s back as much as they claim. It seems like want a F3 with Victoria and a F4 including Caleb. As crazy as he is, I think Caleb could be a bigger threat in this game than any of them think he can. Keep an eye on him!

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