My brain is going to be absolutely fried before this next day or two is over from worrying about what is going to happen on Big Brother 2014 and thinking about what Caleb may or may not do as HoH for Week 12! This is an intense moment in the Big Brother 2014 house and the results rest in the hands of Wuss Mode Beast Mode Cowboy on Big Brother 16! Check out the highlights from Wednesday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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I am so worried with how this week is going to turn out, but that is a good thing because the season has been boring for the most part. We could see some big things this week and it starts with the Nomination Ceremony, which could take place today. We know the week was rewound and we are doing the same comps all over again, which is beyond stupid. Caleb came close winning this last week, but dropped a ball right at the end and Frankie won. This time he did not screw up and Caleb is the new HoH.

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Derrick was immediately in his ear about Frankie needing to go on the block and needing to go home. Caleb seems to be on board with sending Frankie home, but it is how he does it that worries me. He doesn’t want to put up Frankie as a nominee because then he’ll try even harder during the Veto Competition (which could be true). However, Derrick said that Frankie doesn’t have to be loyal to then guys any more since he can play in HoH next week. He could win veto and take Victoria off the block and then it would be Derrick and Cody up there and one of them going home. It is good thinking, but you never know what Caleb is thinking.

Frankie was in on all the talks and is paranoid, as he should be. He chats with Caleb about keeping him off the block and Caleb is so wishy-washy and I hate that. The last I knew, Caleb agreed to put up Victoria and Frankie and then Derrick has been studying that Memory Wall non-stop for the morph comp and a veto victory.

The key this week: Veto Competition! Whether Caleb puts up Frankie or not to start doesn’t matter if Frankie wins veto. If someone else can win it, then they would be safe and Frankie would go on the block and out the door….hopefully! With the schedule change, not sure if we will see nominees today and then Veto Comp on Friday or if they’ll stick with Friday/Saturday. We have a quick week ahead with two evictions, so I am thinking today and tomorrow and Veto Meeting on Sunday and first eviction on Monday and feeds down until Wednesday night!

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