It was an eventful day in the Big Brother 2014 house, as the HGs had a special luxury competition with the jury members and they faced another Nomination Ceremony on Big Brother 16. We are already into Week 12 on Big Brother 2014 and it looks like things are finally starting to get good! Check out the highlights from Thursday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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The day started early for the HGs, as they were woken up early on and then locked away in the second HoH room. They knew a luxury comp was coming and did some speculating, but none of them saw this one coming. They had a TV to watch it go down and the jury members came into the house and tore the place up! It was a big ol’ mess and the HGs think they have a very bitter jury on their hands.

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For the comp, the jury members played and it was something about collecting chips in the house. Each remaining HG was paired with a jury member and the winning duo got $10,000, which happened to be Hayden and Victoria. He was not happy when he found out he won it for her! The HGs were not happy with splitting the money and how they destroyed their house, even though we all know the jury was told to do it.

The rest of the day consisted of Derrick and Cody making sure that Frankie had no alone time to get into Caleb’s head before the Nomination Ceremony. They were successful, as the Nomination Ceremony for Week 12 was held and Frankie and Victoria are on the block!!!

We all rejoice, but this is just a tiny step forward and the Veto Competition is what holds all the marbles this week. If Frankie wins it, then he is safe and Victoria goes home. If someone else wins it, then Frankie is a goner!

As good as it is to see Caleb finally make a move and to see Frankie on the block, Caleb just can’t keep his mouth shut. He tells Frankie that they talked and thought Frankie might win the veto and then take Victoria off the block, so that is why he is up there. Derrick and Cody already told Frankie they didn’t know what Caleb planned on doing, so that ruins that lie! Caleb shifted back to it being fair since Cody was just on the block and Derrick couldn’t compete in either HoH.

We all see the Diary Rooms, so Frankie knows he is a target and has been worried about it and said he would win all the comps to ensure he stays in the Big Brother 2014 house. Whether Caleb put him on the block before the Veto Comp or not does not matter because everyone plays for the veto and Frankie would be trying to win it, regardless of him being on the block or not. This is the smart move because he could have tried something sneaky and used it on Victoria and forced Cody and Derrick to be up there together. It is a big move that needs to be done, so Frankie probably wouldn’t have done it.

Since we are moving things up a day this week, we should have that Veto Comp today and then the meeting on Sunday for final nominees. I can’t wait for it and Derrick has been studying that memory wall non-stop and he is determined to win that veto. I am thinking they will do new morphs, but still the same concept. If they do the exact same morphs, then the whole production team needs to be fired for being lazy!

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