What a Friday we had in the Big Brother 2014 house, as it was a roller coaster ride of emotions, but it ended on a high note and some big planning going on for these HGs. The next move on Big Brother 16 is determined, but now we have F3 and F2 deals to work out and Caleb is already making plans on how he will spend the $500,000. Check out the highlights from Friday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Frankie and CodyPhoto Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

The big news of the day: the Veto Competition was held and CODY WON!!! I believe they were different morphs and the HGs could see the time to beat, but Cody went first and had no time counting down that would stress you out. He improved dramatically from his first time in this comp, so props to him. I use the picture above as a sign of what Frankie has done all season long: kiss butt to the person that just won the comp and he’ll do anything for Cody to use the veto on him….not gonna happen though!

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The other big news of the day: Team America gets a new reward. This caused a TON of backlash on Twitter and Facebook, as it seemed like an attempt to keep Frankie in the game, but not the case. If one of Team America win this season, then they will get a $50,000 bonus! Yes, $50K for them winning, which is the same amount for the person coming in second place! So, if Frankie OR Derrick make it to the F2 and win Big Brother 16, then they get $550,000 plus the $20,000 they have from missions this season.

During their conversation on this, they talked about guaranteeing they win it and both of them being in the F2. This was just talk and not the rules. They do NOT both have to be in F2 to win the extra $50K, but if they were both in F2 then one of them would win it for sure, which is what Derrick was trying to say. He is trying to keep his TA alliance strong, even though we all know he could care less about it.

After the Veto Comp, Caleb was talking to Victoria and Derrick, at separate times, about being in the F2 with Cody and counting the votes of the jury members. He does realize that Victoria and Derrick are still in the game, right? How do you count the votes against someone else when both of them would have to be taken out first?

Cody and Derrick talked and they are planning a F2 and The Hitmen are one of the best alliance ever on Big Brother and blah blah. This next step is so crucial and it sucks we won’t see it play out, as the next eviction will be a special eviction and the feeds should go down on Monday morning and then come back after Wednesday night’s live eviction show! We won’t see it play out and it is so crucial in the game. Caleb will be the next target, especially since he can’t play in the HoH competition. If he wins veto, then he holds all the cards in sending someone home. If he loses, he will be evicted next and he will not even know what hit him.

Few side notes:

  1. Frankie should be evicted this week and they plan on telling him after the Veto Meeting, but they also think they have all week to tell him until the live eviction on Thursday. I would like to see more of Frankie groveling, but it won’t happen and he won’t come out to a live audience, as this is the special eviction.
  2. With this new TA bonus of $50K, I honestly don’t know if they will do America’s Favorite Player or not. They will have given out a ton of extra money because of TA, so can they give out another $25,000 to Donny the HG that wins the vote? It makes me wonder, but they should start the vote for it on Wednesday’s show if they will be having it, so keep your fingers crossed!
  3. While the Veto Comp was going on, Frankie’s mom and sister tweeted out #FrankieWinPOV and it started to trend on Twitter. Her fans were tweeting it and then we saw tweets about not watching Big Brother, but hoping he wins and he deserves it and others asking what POV meant. The true BB fans united and surpassed that hashtag and got #AnyoneButFrankie to trend higher! I wish CBS would read those tweets and stats and see what the true fans of the show want. Hell, even Brittany from this season tweeted out #AnyoneButFrankie!

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