While Frankie says he has some tricks up his sleeve still, it appears that the other HGs have moved on to next week on Big Brother 2014 and it is just a matter of time before Frankie is gone! Some more controversy, but outside of the Big Brother 2014 house and I am just ready to be done with the Grande family in general. We have a big week ahead of us on Big Brother 16 and the HGs are making plans! Check out the highlights from Saturday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Derrick, Caleb and CodyPhoto Credit: @BigBroJunkie

The HGs slept away most of the day, as they had a late night on Friday with the luxury comp and Veto Competition. Derrick was one of the first ones up and they were on indoor lockdown, but not a thing going on in the backyard! Maybe some more shouters?

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The guys discussed things and when they should tell Frankie he is being evicted. Caleb wanted to do it right before the vote, but Cody and Derrick want to do it the night before. They’ll all be in for a shock, as the eviction will be taped on Monday for the Special Eviction episode to air on Tuesday night and then they move into a live eviction on Wednesday night!

Frankie seems to know that he will be going home this week, but he is going to try a few things. He does try to work on Caleb during the night, but Caleb doesn’t seem to be budging yet. He says it is not on him this week and he has no say in it, which is true, since Derrick and Cody control the vote and they won’t be budging. Frankie asks his sister to help him win AFP, but then says he doesn’t want to win it because of her….

As far as moving on to next week, Derrick and Cody have agreed that Caleb needs to go next if he does not win veto this week, since he can’t compete in the HoH competition. If he does, then Victoria would go home. Caleb even told Derrick he wanted it to be him and Cody in the end and a battle of the strong players, but Derrick has talked him down from that and he is working both sides to make sure Derrick is in the F2, just in case Caleb wins that veto.

A few more side notes:

  • Apparently Frankie’s mom and Justin Bieber were tweeting in favor of Frankie and his Mom is going hardcore for this AFP vote. It’s actually pretty funny to read some of the tweets and how naive these people are. I mean, they don’t know the power of the BB fans despite the millions of followers his sister and the Biebs has. Justin Bieber was booed while on Fashion Rocks, which aired on CBS. Do you really want his support?
  • I was out to eat last night and not many people in the restaurant, but there was a table of girls and they were talking about Big Brother! It follows me everywhere!!! It literally took everything in me to not go over there and smack them all for their crazy talk. They clearly only watch the shows on CBS and I heard bits and pieces, but they mentioned Frankie and needing 16 people that don’t know how to play the game and they were 16 geniuses in the house this season….
  • Big Brother is on tonight, but has a start time of 8:30pm EST. They are moving things back because of football, which is good planning ahead, but hopefully football doesn’t run even longer!

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