The last Friday in the Big Brother 2014 house and it consisted of sleeping, ordering take out, F2 talk and Derrick’s paranoia kicking in before Part 2 of the final HoH competition! As weird as it sounds, but I get it. He is a fan of the show and he knows how things work. When you don’t want someone to win a comp, they usually turn around and win it. He had the right to be paranoid on Big Brother 16. Check out the highlights from Friday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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During the day, the Final 3 spent most of their time sleeping. Then production said they could order any kind of take out as a special treat and they go Chinese (good choice). Then it consisted of wondering when Part 2 would take place. Derrick really started getting nervous about it and I was wondering if his paranoia would take over during the comp or not.

The Live Feeds finally went down and Part 2 of the comp was taking place. For some reason, production is not working out the timing of these comps very well for Big Brother 2014. Again, BBAD started and the comp was still going on. You couldn’t start it like an hour or two earlier while they were sitting around sleeping off their Chinese food? We got to see Cody counting the jury votes he would have going up against Derrick and he would lose, yet he was excited to crush it with Derrick in the next round if Derrick won. Idiot much?

The comp finally finished and Derrick won. As much as I wanted to see Victoria win and throw a wrench into Derrick’s plans, I do think Derrick deserves it the most of the F3. If he makes it to F2 and wins, he will be the only player in BB history to never be on the block and win it all. That is a pretty amazing feat.

The rest of the night consisted of Victoria crying and saying she tried her best. They talk about it taking Derrick 15 minutes to finish and Victoria took about 30 minutes. It was the climbing the wall event and placing the final nominees for each week in order.

This is where it gets interesting and my only thing to hold on to as the season comes to an end: who does the winner of Part 3 take with them to the F2? It seems like Cody would definitely take Derrick, despite knowing he probably doesn’t have the votes to beat him. Derrick seems to be leaning towards taking Cody over Victoria and he even mentioned to Cody that he could not keep up the act with Victoria all week and her tears, so they may have to tell her! If Derrick is in the F2, I think he wins no matter what, but I think it is a difference between a unanimous vote (Victoria) versus a 8-1 vote (Christine has to stick with her man).

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