We got to enjoy the last Saturday in the Big Brother 2014 house and it was an exciting one! These remaining HGs on Big Brother 16 don’t even know what to do with themselves, so it takes a lot out of everyone just to sit and watch them throughout the day. Check out the highlights from Saturday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - CodyPhoto Credit: BigBroJunkie

It’s Sunday morning and I don’t feel like coming up with paragraphs and putting it in a nice order, so here are some main points to hit on from yesterday:

  • The HGs slept until like noon.
  • They got takeout food again, but this time they went with Greek…another good choice!
  • Victoria questions The Hitmen and why she was never told about it (um, because you weren’t in the alliance). Here is the thing: she is angry about it and wants to know why she was not told about it, but then wants to know why she couldn’t help come up with the name for it. Again, because you weren’t in the alliance!
  • Derrick is starting to crack and can’t take the hour long conversations with Victoria and trying to convince her she has a chance in the game. I am 99% sure he is taking Cody with him to the F2 if he wins Part 3 of the HoH competition and Cody would take Derrick.
  • He was so annoyed that he wanted to tell Victoria that she won’t be making the F2, but he said production told him he can’t tell her. Is this true or not? Not sure, but it could be Derrick’s ploy to not tell her because he is taking her to F2 if he wins?
  • The guys discuss their F2 alliance and they compare themselves to Chilltown (Dr. Will and Boogie), which happens to be one of, if not the best alliances in Big Brother history. Comparing any alliance to one of the best is hard to do for Big Brother 16. These two guys were never in danger of going home and no one ever came after them. Heck, Derrick has never even been on the block! Don’t get too cocky fellas!
  • The backyard was finally opened up for the HGs to enjoy. They have been locked inside since last Monday!!!

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