As much as we all would like Nicole to stay this week on Big Brother 2014, unless some miracle happens today/tonight, then she will be the first one gone in the Double Eviction episode on Thursday night. Yup, no one is talking about this week any more and it all turns to who goes next, especially if there is a DE on Big Brother 16. Check out the highlights from Tuesday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Things are going to get intense for this Double Eviction and the winner of the HoH is going to be crucial in who goes home. Right now, it looks like Christine should be worried, as the guys seemed to talk about sending her home a lot. But then Christine was talking to Cody a lot about her hatred for Frankie and how he needs to go. If she won HoH, Frankie would definitely be her target and I may be rooting for Christine on Thursday night!

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The guys did talk about making it to the F4 together and they would be the next Brigade. However, Caleb and Frankie talk about Derrick and how he is so trustworthy and everyone likes him, yet no one goes after him? I mean, everyone liked Donny and that was their excuse for going after him on Big Brother 2014. They are also worried about him taking Victoria further in the game then them. These HGs think, but don’t act on those thoughts!

Why is no one targeting Derrick? Why is he never mentioned as a possible nominee? They all talk about him winning it all and getting to F2 and they would vote him the winner, but none of them mention: hey, let’s take out the biggest competitor? It blows my mind!

We had another indoor lockdown and more fans yelling over the fence. Can this stop already? Let them play their game (which is not very good) and let’s stay out of it!

Again, Nicole really has no chance of staying this week, so let’s get that vote over with and move on to this Double Eviction, okay???

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