I am going to hit on a few things from last night on the Big Brother Live Feeds and I’ll do another post in a little while to explain the Big Brother Rewind (to the best of my knowledge) on Big Brother 2014. You’ll get a sense, but I am not happy about it and this week is dead to me, Big Brother 16! Check out the highlights from Thursday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Cody and FrankiePhoto Credit: BigBrotherNetwork.com

Hate on me for the picture, oh well. I find it to be hilarious (maybe I have a sick sense of humor)? After last night’s Double Eviction episodeCody is without his cuddle buddy Christine, so he moved on to Frankie now???

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Speaking of Christine, but the HGs heard all the boos she got when she walked through the doors. They speculated on this one all night long, Cody the most. He is worried about how America feels about him and thinks he will get booed as well. This will bother him until he is evicted. Frankie thinks she was a villain and they got the right person out. Derrick thinks she was talking bad about them all in the DR, which is why America did not like her. Frankie thinks she was talking bad about him and his sister in the DR, which is why America did not like her (imagine that, Frankie making it all about himself)!

The new HoH competition was held and Frankie won. Immediately after it was done, they all went to the golden button. Frankie wanted to hit it and it is there for a reason. Caleb thinks it is a prize. Derrick is worried and wants to talk about it some more. That talk lasted about 10 seconds and, as a group, they all hit the button! The screen, which did say something about having a choice and it only takes one push, changed to a countdown, which would end on Wednesday night for the live eviction show. Again, another post coming soon!

From there, it was a lot of speculation on what the button meant and Derrick is paranoid it will ruin his game. Talk moved on to the nominees for the week (which mean nothing now because of the rewind button and I will cover this week, but why)? Frankie, mind you we are at the final five on Big Brother 2014, suggested picking Skittles for nominees! In the end, it is Cody and Victoria supposedly going on the block today when the Nomination Ceremony takes place.

One other thing, Derrick did get an HoH basket for his win during the DE show. However, he was not happy with the picture and did not show anyone! He sent it back and as given a new basket later on. Victoria mentioned the picture being blurry and no one saw it. Derrick was not happy about it and adamant about the picture, so maybe a photo of him as a cop??? Why else would a picture make him so angry? And why would his family send one of him in his cop uniform, if it was?

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