With only five people left in the Big Brother 2014 house, there is not a whole lot of action going on, especially since they like to sleep all day! The Live Feeds seemed to be done quite a bit yesterday and sometimes we have no clue why, but we did have proposals and new Team America missions on Big Brother 16. Check out the highlights from Friday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Jeff and Jordan Engaged

As you can see above (and what Julie Chen hinted at during the Double Eviction), Jeff and Jordan made their way into the Big Brother 2014 house and Jeff finally got down on one knee. They are cute together and I am happy for them, but doesn’t Jeff get enough camera time on Big Brother 16? We’ll see that tomorrow night on CBS and I’m sure their wedding will be televised (and paid for) by CBS as well.

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For the things that kind of matter (because this whole week starts over come Wednesday night), Team America got their new mission and they must convince the other HGs their is a rodent in the house and keep them up all night. Frankie thinks this is an easy mission, so America must not hate them after all. That would be a BIG NO! The options are always lame and serve no purpose, so we still hate you and we still hate the Team America twist!

It was a late one, but they finally had the Nominations Ceremony last night and it was no big shocker, as Cody and Victoria went on the block, as planned. Caleb and Cody are convinced that Victoria is going home unless she wins the veto today. I think Derrick is waiting to see who wins veto before he starts spreading his dust.

Caleb, being his normal delusional self, is convinced that Derrick will make F2 because all of the other guys can beat him. He also thinks that the guys will make F3 and whoever doesn’t win will be voted as America’s Favorite Player. He thinks he has AFP on lockdown, but that crown was given to Donny weeks ago.

HATGATE #2: Cody was missing the blue hat that he always wears. Victoria had a smirk on her face! Did she go crazy with the knife again? Nope, the hat was originally Hayden’s hat, so Nicole snuck it out with her when she was evicted on Thursday night to give back to her man!

This is a little off-note, but I read it on Big Brother Gossip and found it to be quite interesting and wanted to share:

  • Nine of the 12 eviction votes have been unanimous.
  • House guests voted 87 times for the person who was evicted. Only six times did they cast votes for the nominee who ended up staying.
  • There have been 49 nominations so far this season. Derrick has never been nominated.

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