Times are rough in the Big Brother 2014 house, as we all sit and wait for this week to play out and Julie Chen to announce the twist from hitting that button. Whether we like him or not, Frankie keeps on winning and the HGs knew this early on, but is it too late to stop him on Big Brother 16??? Check out the highlights from Saturday below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Seeming the HGs stay up late every night, this means they sleep the day away. With Donny in the house, at least we had someone up and doing stuff during the day. Now we get an early morning dance performance from Caleb and they all go back to bed.

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Team America got their new mission (tell everyone a rodent is in the house and keep everyone awake all night). Here is the thing: they had to keep everyone up all night, which was until 6am. This is a normal bedtime for most of them, so not a big deal. Frankie said he saw a rat and madness ensued. They did agree to “Mouse Watch” and Victoria almost fell asleep, but they all stayed up until 6am and mission accomplished.

The Veto Competition started late and ran into BBAD time, which the producers have no sense of timing this season, so we watched HGs sit in individual rooms until it ended. Frankie won Power of Veto and now has all the power for the week (a week that doesn’t matter). He did say he would keep the nominees the same and show his loyalty to the guys. He also said he would cry if they hit that button and it wipes out the entire week of him winning HoH and veto (can you hear my evil laugh as I typed that)?

Frankie spoke alone to the cameras about winning 9 of the 17 comps this season and he is a comp beast (which he has been) and if he does not win veto next week then he could be gone. He knows they would come after him, which is the smart thing to do but these HGs are not that smart. Derrick is seeing it more and more though and he would come after Frankie, but they need to have that opportunity and one of them needs to win a freaking comp!

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