The Big Brother fans were abuzz yesterday when on the Live Feeds, Team America appeared to get a new mission and it was not going to end well for all of us watching Big Brother 2014. This has caused a lot of controversy and had people in an uproar and I will try to explain what it all means for the winner of Big Brother 16! Check out the details below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Team America

This all took place on the Live Feeds and it got started about 1:29pm BBT on 9/12. Both Frankie and Derrick were told about the new bonus available to Team America. This is not a mission, but a bonus. What is it? If any member of Team America goes on and wins then they get $50,000 more! So, the winner of Big Brother 2014 would take home $550,000 if they are Team America (a.k.a Derrick or Frankie).

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While this did cause controversy, it was what Derrick said that had people in an uproar. He commented about the only way to guarantee they get the $50K is for both of them to be there in the F2. People thought this was an attempt by production to keep Frankie in the game, but that was not the case. Derrick was saying that was the only option of GUARANTEEING they win the money, but they don’t both have to be in the F2 to get the $50K.

This led to Derrick and Frankie thinking that America loves them and we want them to get even more money. Funny thing is, we weren’t given the chance to vote on this one. I think Julie would have been muttering those famous “Overwhelmingly No” words again!

So, after the Veto Comp results last night, Frankie should be evicted this week and Derrick will move on to the F4. If he does win Big Brother 16, then he would take home $550,000 plus the $20,000 that Team America has “earned” doing their missions and another $5,000 from the HoH competition and he filled the smaller snowman. That would be a $575,000 check for Derrick! If either make it to F2 and lose, they get the $50,000 prize for second place and no bonus, but Derrick would get the extra $25,000 he “earned” during the season and take home $75,000 for second place.

Let’s sum this up in some bullet points (because I love them):

  • Team America sucks.
  • CBS sucks.
  • Since the neighborhood watch and mouse patrol were such a success, CBS is going to give them even more money and not give the fans a chance to even vote on it.
  • So much money has gone out for TA this season, I am thinking that we may not have America’s Favorite Player because they ran out of budget because of TA started a rumor that Zach was related to Amanda from Big Brother 15.
  • Todd hates Team America and this bonus and if they don’t give Donny the chance to win AFP then you may have a new moderator next season!

What do you think of this bonus for Team America on Big Brother 2014?

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