So, Julie Chen went to Twitter tonight and sent out the picture seen below and said a new twist is coming tonight on Big Brother 2014! What do you think that twist will be??? Big Brother 16 starts in about an hour and I am dying to know. Check out the photo below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Episode 27 Preview 3

So, here is the photo that Julie shared on her Twitter account:

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - New Twist Coming

What do you think it means? She said: “Not only do we have an exciting #DoubleEviction 2nite on #BB16, but I’ll announce a new twist! Here is a sneak peek!”

Hmmm…could it be a “Reset Button” like they had in BB14 and the evictee that night (Frank) was saved! Could it be a repeat of the that button and everything goes back to normal? Maybe they think Frankie will go in the second vote and they want him saved? If so, they should call it the Frank Button! It could be some type of Veto power to go with tonight’s double eviction? Or maybe it will open Pandora’s Box? Is it 9pm yet????

***UPDATE: During the live show tonight, Julie Chen told us this button is “Big Brother Rewind” and if any HG hits it over the next few days, then this whole upcoming week is null and void! It will be announced right before the live vote if it was hit and the two nominees come off the block and they redo the entire week! Not sure who can or cannot hit the button and how they would hide it from the others? It is currently in the old Have Not room. If it is hit, do they redo the entire week during the live show???

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