They are keeping the action going tonight on Big Brother 2014, as the Battle of the Block results brought us some amazing news and then we saw fish again on the Big Brother Live Feeds! It looks like the players for the Power of Veto have been drawn for Week 8 on Big Brother 16! Check out the players below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Power of Veto

The players have been picked and here they are for the Power of Veto Competition for Week 8 on Big Brother 2014:

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  • Frankie – HoH
  • Caleb and Cody – Week 8 nominees
  • Christine, Donny and Victoria – randomly selected to play
  • Derrick – Host

What does this mean? Donny had been talking in the Storage Room with Zach and he was hoping Zach would be drawn and would win to avoid a backdoor plan that could happen. Donny is the only real shot at keeping the nominees the same, since Victoria would do whatever Derrick told her to do. This is a tough one, as I think Zach will be the target and Derrick is planting the seeds early on. He wants to keep Victoria, even though he acts like she is the target and told Donny she is the target, but we all know he wants his little pawn by his side! Not sure when the comp will start, as the HGs hear building in the backyard, but we have BBAD tonight too.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as the Veto Competition happens!

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