Many of us have complained about Big Brother being pretty much the only show on television that was recorded in standard definition and not in high definition like every other show out there. Well, apparently the Big Brother producers were getting everything setup for the switchover and it has finally happened, as Big Brother 16 will debut in HD! Get all the details below in my Big Brother 2014 spoilers!


Maybe producers knew what would happen in the Big Brother 15 house, so they held off on the HD for one season? I mean, who really wanted to see all the disgusting things that happened in that house in high definition??? Either way, everything will be crisper and more clear this season and those Big Brother Live Feeds are going to be amazing, which is why you should sign up for the season pass on Live Feeds and save 20% for the season and be set to watch all the Big Brother 16 fun with us!

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As far as the HD goes, Vulture has reported that this has been in process for three years now, but it was a huge undertaking and it makes sense. Executive Producer Allison Grodner said, “We’ve all wanted to go digital.” I guess the process took time and they wanted it to be perfect before flipping the switch. Executive Producer Rich Meehan said: “It’s not just about swapping out cameras. Everything had to be changed…and we couldn’t do anything that would jeopardize production of the series.”

This is exciting news and they go on to hype it even more for Big Brother 2014:

“’We’ve added 11 new cameras in the house for better coverage,’ Meehan says, including some outside and in certain inside rooms and corridors. ‘We’ve also lowered some of the cameras so viewers are in the action more.’ And because HDTV uses a different aspect ratio — 16:9 — the show’s camera operators now have many more angles and shots to play with than they did before. ‘You can now see from the kitchen area to the bedroom in one shot,’ Meehan says. ‘It changes the whole look of the house.’ Grodner says she’s looking forward to testing out what she calls her new ‘high-performance machine,’ and that even the show’s production designers are making tweaks to the set because of HD: ‘We’re mindful of color and texture more,’ she says. ‘We’re making sure there are layers and dimension to the house.’ And folks who subscribe to the 24/7 live feed of the show will also benefit. ‘It’ll be a noticeable improvement for the internet viewers,’ Big Brother engineering-operations supervisor David Crivelli says.”

Can we get any more excited for Big Brother 16??? Get your Season Pass now and see every nook and cranny of the Big Brother 2014 cast with us!

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