I guess it took ten weeks, but Big Brother 2014 and CBS finally gave us an endurance competition to determine the Head of Household for Week 10 on Big Brother 16! It was called “Sloppy the Snowman” and had the HGs slipping and sliding down the slope to fill their snowman with water. First one to get their lump of coal to the top would win HoH for Week 9 on Big Brother 2014. So, who won HoH on Big Brother 16 tonight? Find out below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Week 10 HoH Winner

After seeing Donny evicted earlier tonight on Big Brother 2014, we were all rooting for a Nicole victory and this one was going to take a while. I’m sure there will be lots of injuries and Victoria will be crying for days on this one, but this was a huge HoH, especially with a Double Eviction next week, even though the HGs don’t know that or will probably not even expect it! So, who won?


The winner of HoH for Week 10 is:

  • Caleb

This was an intense competition and we all knew he was in the lead, as the cameras were never on his snowman, but they were showing Victoria and her last place snowman a lot! Derrick kept falling and fell far behind, so he opted for the small snowman and won $5,000 and the 5,000 hollas, so thanks for that one Derrick!

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