We are officially only two weeks away from the Big Brother 2014 premiere and seeing the Big Brother 16 cast take residence in the Big Brother 2014 house for 90 fun-filled days! While two weeks may seem like a short amount of time, we have a lot of action going on leading up to that Big Brother 16 premiere! Check out my Big Brother 2014 spoilers below for your Big Brother 16 schedule!

Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Season 16 Logo


Our friends over at BigBrotherNetwork.com have been busy this off-season and Matt will be even busier in the coming weeks. He gets a chance to head out to Los Angeles and sit down with the new Big Brother cast for Press Day, which I am super jealous about! We will share his interviews as soon as he posts them, but here is a schedule to the premiere thanks to Big Brother Network:

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  • Big Brother Live Feeds Early Bird discount starts – May 22
  • Big Brother Media Day – June 6
  • Live Chat with Hayden Moss on Feeds – June 10 @ 3PM ET
  • Live Chat with Jordan Lloyd on Feeds – June 12 @ 3PM ET
  • Big Brother Press Interviews – June 17
  • Big Brother 16 cast revealed – June 19
  • Big Brother 16 HG enters the house – June 21*
  • Big Brother Live Feeds Early Bird sale ends – June 25
  • Big Brother 16 premiere on CBS – June 25 @ 8PM ET/PT and June 26 @ 9 PM ET/PT
  • Big Brother Live Feeds turn on – June 27 @ 1AM ET (6/26 10PM BBT)
  • Big Brother After Dark premieres on TVGN – June 26 @ 1AM ET/PT
  • First Live Eviction – July 3 @ 9PM ET/PT
  • *Date estimated based on past seasons’ timelines.

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