We won’t have many more of these polls and as the season whittles down, we have fewer and fewer HGs to lower the percentage for Frankie, but here is another Big Brother 2014 poll for your LEAST favorite player on Big Brother 16 for Week 11. This has been an interesting week, as nothing really matters and nothing has really happened, besides Frankie winning every competition. So, who is your least favorite player for Week 11 on Big Brother 16? Vote in our poll below in our Big Brother 2014 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2014 Spoilers - Frankie Grande

I have given up on the possibility that anyone but Frankie could lead this poll. Sure, it seems like everyone hates them all, but the most dislike is going towards Frankie and I can’t blame them. The HGs seem to be done with him and want him gone, but did they already miss their opportunity for that???

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Just a side note, but the Photo Booth photos were released for Week 11 and Frankie was the ONLY one to partake! So, to avoid the wrath of you all, we won’t be sharing them with you today….you’re welcome! For the Team Frankie members, I did share one of them above.

For this poll, I think we will have a big blue line for Frankie, but I am always curious to see what people think and vote. Maybe I will be surprised one week with these results! Tell me what you think in our poll here:

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