We were all left wondering who won Head of Household on Big Brother 2015 for Week 6 after the live eviction show on Thursday night. CBS finally wised up and got rid of the Battle of the Block and we are back to the solo HOH, but who would win that endurance comp on Big Brother 17? Find out tonight during my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who won HOH on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

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Last time on Big Brother 17, it was the fifth eviction show of the season and Liz was not on the block so that meant the Twin Twist survived and they would both be moving in! However, that also meant Jason was moving out, which upset me! Julia joined the game along with her sister Liz and Julie Chen told us the game was resetting and no more dual HOHs and no more BotB! As if that wasn’t good enough news, we then added in an endurance HOH comp and life seemed pretty good, as long as the right person won (and they did)! We get to see the ending of that comp tonight, so stay tuned!

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The fun continues on Big Brother 17, so follow along with my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2015 Live Recap or see who won Head of Household on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…

HOH COMPETITION – We are back to the endurance comp and Meg said they have to win this one. Liz said all of Sixth Sense is there and they are so tight (yeah, that might change). Austin got a promise from Liz for a kiss if he wins HOH, so he is trying hard. James is trying to make deals when everyone is on the wall, but no one bites. Steve and Austin are the first one out. Then Julia and Meg fall. Jackie was so strong, but she falls and then Liz is after her and CBS really wants to play this “showmance” between her and Austin.

Now James is trying to act like he is in more pain than he actually is to mess with Clay’s mind! How funny is that??? Now Becky goes down and we see Shelli whining for Clay to stay on the wall. Now it is down to Shelli, John and James. They did a weird edit there, as Shelli makes a deal with them to not nominate her or Clay and it was to both James and Johnny Mac, but John fell during that offer! James agrees, but he quotes Boogie and said you can bounce checks up in here. So, Shelli jumps and James wins HOH for Week 6!!!

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Now the HGs head in and we see that Jace’s photo on the Memory Wall has been replaced by Julia. How rude is that? They couldn’t do a half Julia/half Liz photo and keep him there? Vanessa and Liz are freaking with James in control.

Liz and Julia talk and now my love for Julia comes into play! She doesn’t believe that Jason lied about Austin outing her. Austin comes in and Julia is not impressed by him and calls him out on it. She isn’t believing anything and I love it!!! Liz is defending him, but Julia said she will forgive but never forget.

Shelli talks with Vanessa and she thought she couldn’t win a third HOH. Vanessa feels like she is on the bottom of the totem pole, as Shelli asked for safety for her and Clay but not Vanessa. Now Shelli freaks out about losing the HOH comp and thinks Austin or the twins will be going home. They want to keep Vanessa safe too. Shelli feels this is all her fault and Clay said you have to look out for your own game (remember those words soon enough).

Hilarious, as they show a montage video of Clay and how he mumbles and makes no sense at all! He is an idiot and the captions were great! And then we see James scare Steve coming out of the bathroom and that was priceless.!

James, Meg, Jackie and Becky talk in the HOH room about going after Clay and Shelli and Shelli is their main target. Becky looks so shady, so someone kick her out of the room! They are building that one up, as they say no one needs to know and camera on Becky.

Yup, now we see Becky go to Chelli and they are targeting the two of them. She said they have to act happy or they both will go on the block. If they act scared, then they will both go on the block. Now Vanessa goes up to talk to James and she is trying to save herself and he mentions going after Chelli and she is done with throwing them under the bus. She makes some weird deal on Big Brother 2015 and I am so over her.

Chelli goes to the HOH room to talk with James and they try to cover their tracks with getting Jason sent home. They try to win him over, but he isn’t really trusting them. He says what they need to hear, but not believing a word they say! Later on, he can’t sleep and he talks to Meg and said no pawns and he just needs to put them up together. He is going to piss them off with a backdoor, so just get it over to begin with and one of them will stay on the block regardless if they won veto or not!

NOMINATION CEREMONY – This is going to be good, as James does he nominations and he puts up Clay and Shelli!!! That was some good stuff, as James said he gets to decide if the contract with them is still binding and there is no appeal! Shelli calls out James and Clay does too and Shelli then said they had nothing to do with Jason going on the block last week and you can come to them for the truth. They just threw Vanessa under the bus and this is going to be awesome on Wednesday. Clay said he gave James his word. Um, no you didn’t, Shelli did. He tries to explain what putting both of them on the block together is but can’t come up with words and I have a word for it….SMART!

What do you think of tonight’s episode?

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