We saw Becky win HOH for Week 7 on Big Brother 2015 and she came out with guns blazing, as her plan all along was to backdoor Vanessa and get her out of the game! The plan started on Sunday night’s episode and the Nomination Ceremony on Big Brother 17, but could it play out with the Power of Veto??? We find out tonight, so watch with us during my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who won Power of Veto on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Episode 22 Recap

Last time on Big Brother 17, we saw the completion of the HOH endurance comp and it was Becky completely owning it. She took all three prizes and found herself in charge for the week. While the plan was to get rid of Shelli this week, Becky wanted to backdoor Vanessa and get her out of the house. She worked this out with the James Gang and the plan was set in motion, as we saw Steve and Shelli go up as the nominees and now the aftermath and POV happen tonight!

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The fun continues on Big Brother 17, so follow along with my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2015 Live Recap or see who won PoV on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…after the Veto Meeting and Becky talks with Shelli and she said she is going after Vanessa and she can put all the blame on her. Steve has his moment in the lounge and camtalking and he wants to get rid of Becky. Vanessa talks to Shelli and Van says she wants to play for veto and Van would save her.


Jackie gets to take her knight costume off and strips it away and James is loving it!!! Now Vanessa talks to Steve and she said to pick her also and she will save Steve. Steve asks though and Van did say she told Shelli the same thing.

John talks to Shelli and she is nervous about drawing HG Choice and not picking Vanessa, as it would look obvious, He said he would veto her if he wins it. Now Steve and John talk and John tells him that Vanessa is the target and he wants to play in veto and will take Shelli down to put Van up. Steve is worried about being on the block all week and John laughs at him and tells he has won nothing and no one is gunning for him! Then we see crazy Steve and the camtalk and needing his mom!

We see Liz tell us that she has started to grow feelings for Austin and maybe she can give him a chance if he cuts off that ponytail beard! Then we se

POV PLAYERS – Time to pick players for the Veto Comp. Becky picks Austin. Shelli picks HG Choice and chooses Vanessa. Steve picks Meg. John and Becky are pissed Shelli picked Van, but she said she went with her gut on this one.

Shelli said she was worried about Van knowing about the plan, but John makes perfect sense in the DR and said she wouldn’t have played and no chance of winning it, so who cares if she knows! John said don’t let Van win it!

VETO COMPETITION – This is an individual comp, so they are all called out individually. They have to fly on a zipline and check out the BB Comic studio wall and memorize the order of the comics and then replicate the order on their computer. There are duplicate comics with little differences in them, so they have to make sure they have the same one! Best time wins this comp.

Meg is up first and she is having some troubles, but it looks like she does a good job and just has issues getting all the details right. Becky decides to do guys first and then girls and lays out posters first to notice the difference and then goes to look at them to see what it is. Good plan, but she can’t figure out some of the differences and she said she sucked it up. Shelli complains about being the puma. She only focused on the order and not the differences, so she seems to suck it up. Austin’s comic mentions him having an odor, but he says he showers after every workout and Liz sleeps with him every night and never says anything. Of course, the guy that works out all the time is tired! Steve goes and can’t figure out Becky and complains, yet again, about her always being after him! He said his time was not great and could be better on the zipline. Vanessa thinks this is her comp to shine and she has a great memory.


  • Meg – 15:37
  • Becky – 17:02
  • Shelli – 25:31
  • Austin – 21:20
  • Steve – 13:57
  • Vanessa – 21:44

That means Steve wins the POV and he is safe for the week, but let the talk begin of him not using it on himself!!!

Now Vanessa tries to talk to James and see if the plan is still intact. She thinks James is lying to her. He tells her to go talk to Becky. Now James Gang in Have-Not room and he said he told Van to talk to Becky and they said just tell her that she is not being backdoored.

Van goes to HOH room and talks with Becky, who has had some wine! Van babbles on and Becky said she is annoyed every week and Becky has to talk her down. She said she is safe. Now Van goes to HN room and asks about making a deal and Jackie said we have had a deal! Van wants to make a deal every two seconds when they already had a deal in place on Big Brother 2015. Van seems paranoid, but in the DR she said she is safe!

VETO MEETING – Of course, Steve uses the veto on himself and Becky puts up Vanessa as the renom! Becky said it is a personal decision. She said she does not know who she is with and against and feels she is good at making deals and when she doesn’t need them, she drops them like that! Great speech, Becky!

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