After a rough night on Big Brother 2015 last time, we must accept our losses (and they were big losses) and move on to a new week on Big Brother 17. It may not be our favorite scenario, but it is what it is and I am ready to see where things take us, especially since these final six have to start going after each other now. Tome for a new HOH competition and new nominees for Week 11, so check it out with us during my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who won Head of Household on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Episode 33 Recap

Last time on Big Brother 17, it was Double Eviction night and things went as planned for the first eviction, as Meg was sent to jury house. From there, we started one week of Big Brother in one hour. It all went to hell in the HOH comp, as Liz won and our hopes were dashed. She nominated John and James. Then Julia decided to win a comp, as she won POV and did not use it. So, the HGs voted and it was James walking through those doors and no more JaMeg!

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The fun continues on Big Brother 17, so follow along with my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap below!!!


Don’t want to know what happened on the Big Brother 2015 Live Recap or see who won Head of Household on Big Brother 17 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…after the DE, both Vanessa and Steve are glad it was James and the only one they weren’t aligned with. Now Liz is in tears and Austin calms her down with her nominations and moves. Now Austin talks with Steve and said it is a hard week and he doesn’t want to put Steve up. Austin said he is working with five of the HGs left, so he has blood on his hands if he wins HOH. Now Vanessa and Austin talk and she tells him to throw it and her or John can win and she will keep Austin safe because campaigning is what she does well. Steve and Van talk and she wants to go after Austwins. Steve camtalks and says the Austwins are idiots for not sending John home and biggest mistake of the game.


HOH COMPETITION – For this, they will play in rounds and be shown a series of baseball player cards with the HGs from Big Brother 17. It starts flipping through very fast and then the pace slows down. Once they determine the HG that is missing in the lineup, then they assemble the puzzle with the missing HG. Hit the buzzer and get a green light and you are correct and moving on to the next round. Last one done in each round is eliminated and the last one standing is HOH for Week 11!

  • FIRST INNING – Vanessa is out, as she forgets about three puzzle pieces behind her and she is last one done!
  • SECOND INNING – It was a close one, but Steve beats out Austin and Austin is out this round.
  • THIRD INNING – Julia tries, but she comes up short and is eliminated this round and it comes down to Steve and Johnny Mac!
  • FINAL INNING – Johnny Mac had one piece left, but he wanted Steve to win this week and allows John to compete the next week. So, Steve finishes and wins HOH for Week 11!

Vanessa now thinks that she is sitting pretty between two duos wanting to go after each other. Vanessa talks with twins and not sure what Steve will do and if he’ll go after John. Steve talks with Austin and said he is at the bottom of the totem pole for Scamper Squad. Austin said he came in alone and needs to protect himself. He would like to protect Liz, but Julia may have to go home. Now Austin promises to not put up Steve next week if he doesn’t this week. Steve said he said the same thing last week when he went up next to John!

Austin talks to Liz and he said that Steve will not put him up and the math doesn’t add. Liz takes this and said no one has her back like her twin sister. Steve gets his HOH room and the twins are sucking up now! John is sitting back and loving it, but said their flirting may work on Austin, but it won’t work on Steve! His DR is very funny!

Vanessa starts in on Steve and I laughed when Steve said he got her plan and she was so excited that he was there now. It’s all about the Austwins and who is the smart one to go on the block and the other not winning the POV.

Now a quick segment to show us how the twins are not the smartest crayons in the box! Then they make fun of Austin and how he is a bad kisser, which was from the live feeds a while back.

Steve and John talk and John wants Austin and Liz on the block and Austin being the target. He said Austin would be a bigger threat in a physical HOH comp next week. Plus, if they cut out a twin then that leaves Austin to get close with Vanessa, which John said he sees happening.

The next morning and Steve is not sleeping and wants to warn Austin that he is going on the block. So, he creeps in the bedroom while Austin sleeps. And keeps coming back in and keeps coming back in until he wakes him! So awkward!!! Steve then breaks it to him, but tells him he is safe. Austin knows this means he is trying to take Liz out of the game.

NOMINATION CEREMONY – Of course, the nominees for Week 11 are Austin and Liz! He warned them both before the ceremony, so this is no shock for either of them. He said this is best for his game move. Liz starts crying and leaves the table and goes to hide in her bed.

What do you think of tonight’s show?

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