The Big Brother Takeover could bring us some big news tonight on Big Brother 2015, as Big Brother rumors are going around that the cast photos for Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra have been released and they will be joining the other HGs moving in tonight on Big Brother 17. Not sure why all the secrets regarding them, but follow along with the action tonight during my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap and see who won the second Head of Household competition on Big Brother 2015 tonight!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - New Twists for BB17

Last night on Big Brother 17, it was the return of BB and the return of Julie Chen. We have, yet again, the two-night premiere and the two-night move-in. We had eight HGs move in during Night 1: Clay, Shelli, Da’Vonne, Meg, Austin, Audrey, James and Jace. To be honest, no one particularly ticked me off and I seemed to like them all. We have an early showmance blooming, as Shelli and Clay seem into each other, but we haven’t even seen them really chat with each other. The first HoH took place and it was James winning the first one!

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Follow along with my Big Brother 2015 Live Recap below, as the new season kicks off!!!


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Here we go…time for the new HGs to arrive tonight! They are:

  • Liz – She said she is feisty, has no filter and biggest problem in the house is going to be jealous girls.
  • Jason – His style is bright colors. He said he watches the feeds every summer.
  • Vanessa – She has won over $4.5 million playing poker. She has studied game theory at Duke, so she may be a real threat.
  • John – He is a rock star dentist, as he plays the guitar at night and cleans teeth at day. He wants a showmance and his relationships don’t last.
  • Becky – She loves the outdoors. She said she is fun and friendly and people trust her, so she can manipulate them.
  • Steve – He said he is probably the kid you cheated on your math exam during high school. He is a Superfan and drew a picture in fourth grade with a BB key around his neck and his dreams have come true!

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The HGs are in the studio with Julie and said other HGs are already moved in and know about the twists, so she tells them about them right know: Battle of the Block and BB Takeover. They now enter the house and it is Liz, Becky and Steve going in first! They are all swooning over Clay and now everyone is present. Vanessa is asking questions and trying to catch up on all the things she has missed.

Time for the round table and John said he is a dentist (which he is), but Da’Vonne doesn’t believe him! Liz said she dumped her boyfriend before moving in and Jace is excited about that. Steve is setting off Ian Terry sirens, so that could hurt him. Vanessa said she is a DJ and not a poker player, but no comment from Da’Vonne yet! Audrey shares her secret with the new HGs and it gives me chills again. They are all so accepting and I love it! There are two empty seats at the table and they all wonder what that means!

BB Takeover – Yup, The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan comes out to announce it tonight, so bring on Jackie & Jeff. Yes, he announces that he is sharing them with Big Brother, like Julie shared Jeff & Jordan and Branchel. I did like them on The Amazing Race, but I don’t get the hype and keeping them separate. Jeff said they are good friends, but not passionate. They move in and Steve hits it on the head: they had a connection on the outside, so he hopes that makes them an early target!

HOH COMPETITION – Time to find the second HoH for Week 1! Again, one of them will sit out and they have to volunteer. They are all hesitant, but Vanessa volunteers and thinks it will be a good gamble. They all agree to not nominate the two HGs that sat out (Vanessa and Da’Vonne).

For this competition, they will be in the film that the 7 HGs attended the premiere last night. They will be holding onto a stake and trying not to get sucked up by the UFO. The last one holding the stake is the second HoH! They are all holding strong and then get shoot with slime from the UFO. Steve is out first and then Jeff, as he doesn’t want to make the target bigger. John and Becky are next and it is down to Liz, Jackie and Jason! Liz loses her footing and tries hard, but she slips off and it is Jackie and Jason and Jackie is at like the top of the pole! Jason is doing real strong and tells Jackie that he’s got her and won’t nominate her. She knows she’s about to slip off, so she takes the deal and Jason wins HoH on Big Brother 2015!

BB TAKEOVER – Phil comes back on the screen and tells them that Vanessa and Da’Vonne sat out and it was a risky move, but with risk, sometimes comes reward! That is all he said for now, so what does that mean? Immunity?

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