It is Week 3 on Big Brother 2015 and will we see another vote of the Big Brother 17 house voting together? Props to Audrey for throwing that hinky vote in there, but will anyone else vote to keep Jeff in the game and can he save himself from the eviction tonight? Find out my Week 3 predictions below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 3 Predictions

Last night on Big Brother 17, it was Veto Night and time to determine the final nominees for Week 3. Vanessa seemed adamant about wanting to keep the nominees the same and send James home. They tried to get Audrey to win the Veto Competition, but John screwed up that plan and then she went into reset (and bat shit crazy) mode. Her and Austin tried to stage a fight with Jeff to make it look obvious why she would put him on the block over Audrey. They have terrible acting skills, but it was enough in her mind to justify it and John came down and Jeff went up as the renom.

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With that being said, the final two nominees for Week 3 on Big Brother 17 are:

  • James Huling
  • Jeff Weldon

In Vanessa’s mind, this was a big move and such a successful HoH for her. I think she has increased the target on her back and she is sending home someone that no one really enjoyed, so not a real big move, right? Either way, it will be Jeff eliminated tonight and I pray we have some of the good people on the good side of the house win HoH and start messing with the Sixth Sense alliance!

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Who do you think is going home tonight on Big Brother 17?

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