When Vanessa and Jackie won HoH for Week 5 on Big Brother 2015, did anyone see this week ending like this??? I am beyond disappointed with the way things turned out and with the way the nominees handled themselves for Week 5 on Big Brother 17. So, who goes home tonight on Big Brother 2015? Find out my Week 5 predictions below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 5 Poll

We saw the events play out last night on Big Brother 17, but we all saw this stuff happen over the weekend with my spoilers. Once Vanessa was left in charge, I knew the plan would not be followed through. She is inside her head way too much and it turns my brain into mush listening to her!

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With that being said, the final two nominees for Week 5 on Big Brother 17 are:

  • Becky Burgess
  • Jason Roy

Before I sway your opinion on things, I am going to put the Big Brother 2015 poll here, so vote away:

So, Jason against Becky. While seeing Jason go on the block has been a terrible thing, it has seemed to waken up the good side of the house. However, is it a little too late? They all need to combine forces and take down the big dogs (Shelli, Clay and Vanessa). Personally, I would rather see Becky go home and Jason use the flames in his arsenal to take some people out. However, the fireworks were duds and his allies seemed to try harder than him to stay this week. So, Jason goes home and we pray for a James, Jackie or Meg victory at the HOH competition to fill up both spots!

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Who do you think is going home tonight on Big Brother 17?

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